1xBit Introduces EOS for Crypto Gambling

1xBit adds EOS to its list of supported cryptocurrencies.

1xBit is stepping up its efforts to create a platform that not only contributes to the cause of advancing cryptocurrencies but also creates opportunities that change lives. This crypto casino is kicking off support for EOS, a cryptocurrency that’s making a lot of progress in creating an inclusive digital financial economy.

EOS is making a global impact through fundamental and technical advancements to prepare cryptos for global adoption, which is something 1xBit is deeply invested in. For that reason, the online casino is excited to allow players to bet and win big with their favourite cryptos. To do this, 1xBit is continuously working on expanding its network of supported cryptos to accelerate its establishment as an inclusive crypto casino.

What Is EOS?

The early beginnings of EOS were on the Ethereum Blockchain. The project later moved to the EOS.IO platform. In the short years, EOS has earned the nickname “Ethereum on Steroids,” which can showcase its value proposition. All signs indicate that EOS is becoming a compelling force in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that EOS can facilitate millions of transactions per second. On the contrary, VISA can process more than 65,000+ transactions per second. Whereas it takes ten minutes, on aggregate, to clear and settle Bitcoin, EOS is faster and more efficient because of fundamental and technical differences.

What Are EOS Benefits?

Cryptocurrencies came in all packages. Besides near real-time settlement, EOS promises a lot of benefits that 1xBit users can take advantage of today. EOS is also a DApp platform that allows literally anyone with basic code knowledge to create and launch DApps. The platform supports all programming languages, which opens the ecosystem to all app developers and entrepreneurs, thereby driving the liquidity and value of the token.

How Does EOS work?

1xbit aims to link people to the best of the cryptocurrency gambling world, and EOS is a true testament to this pillar. EOS uses a unique ownership model that distributes the network’s resources proportionately to the stake a user owns. As a result, owning this crypto entitles each user to a specified number of transactions determined by the size of their stake in the network. With this model, EOS eliminates transaction fees almost entirely.

The Safety of EOS

1xBit is committed to ensuring that the global cryptocurrency community they are a part of is a place where every player feels they belong. To this day, there have never been any security or safety concerns about the network. The crypto has been around for three years, yet it has managed to maintain a clean record.

EOS employs WebAuthn support, which eliminates the need for secondary software to ensure platform security. The clear advantage here is that anyone can jump on this bandwagon at any time.

About 1xBit

1xBit is a crypto casino that’s helping millions of cryptocurrency users to make good on their cryptos. The casino is home to the greatest entertainment and immersive Vegas-style atmosphere for online casino gambling. 1xBit has 5000+ slots from 100+ game providers and multiple live dealers for added fun. There is a welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC for new users who complete the simple registration process. All transactions are facilitated with cryptocurrencies, as the platform supports 20+ coins.

As a reliable crypto casino, 1xBit works to keep up with the latest trends in order to deliver fully anonymous and secure betting.

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