Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware – Guide to ASIC Miners

The best Bitcoin mining hardware changes every year. New technology comes and takes over the previous one making the later obsolete. Despite the profitability and a way to build passive income, your Bitcoin mining equipment might incur severe losses. On its inception, Bitcoin Mining was a simple task and any home computer or low-end laptops could easily take part in the network. However, with time and interest Bitcoin mining, its difficulty has exploded requiring specialized ASIC Bitcoin miner to do the job. In other words, you need to purchase Bitcoin mining equipment to make decent profits out of Cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to best Bitcoin mining hardware it quickly changes, as the new ASIC Bitcoin Miner replaces the old one in the market. There are also many companies making some of the best BTC miner and their competition give an advantageous situation to the investors. Chinese company such as Ebang is famous for its high-end bitcoin mining equipment. Also, Bitmain is one of the leading manufacturers of some of the best bitcoin mining hardware.

Bitcoin mining is no more a buzzword. However, it is essential to know the terminology linked before going into detail about the best Bitcoin miner. Multiple factors affect ASIC miner performance. If you are planning to start Bitcoin mining, you need to consider the hash rate, energy cost, and a lot more.

Important Considerations

Like all investments, Bitcoin mining needs some maintenance and running costs. The most significant expense that miners need to bear is the cost of energy that is consumed during the process. Electricity is a considerable expense, and Bitcoin Mining Hardware consumes a considerable amount of energy to operate. Important considerations before setting up a Bitcoin mining include,

  • Electricity consumption of your hardware
  • Cost of electricity in your area
  • Hashing power of the ASIC device
  • The cooling system of your machine
  • The initial investment required for the setup
  • Mining efficiency

Besides, investors also need to carry out an analysis of the hardware they intend to use for the mining purpose. The viability of Bitcoin mining varies from one location to another, and the per-unit energy cost in the area. Regions where electricity is relatively cheaper, miners are more likely to generate higher profits than the ones where energy costs are higher.

You also need to need to be account for hash rate, mining efficiency, and profits to see if particular hardware shall be beneficial for the mining purpose. Make sure you perform the calculations before investing in the Bitcoin mining machine since the entire setup is pretty costly.

Hash Rate

It is defined as the number of calculations that hardware can perform per second. The higher the Hash rate, the more is the ability of the mining machine to solve complex computations and earn Bitcoins in reward. The units to measure Hash Rate are Mega hashes, Giga, or Exa hashes per second.

Remember, Hardware’s Suitability is Subjective

Miners can choose from a wide range of ASICs to start the Bitcoin process. However, it will come down mostly to the miner’s priority and circumstances. Some miners choose to get multiple units to create a mining farm. In contrast, others prefer affordable ASIC Bitcoin miner options.

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware

There is always a risk in investments and same is the case with Cryptocurrency Mining. The hardware you purchase today might become obsolete within a year or two. Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers are constantly looking to make efficient ASIC miner to meet consumer demand. Back in 2016 any equipment with 14 Th/s was considered among the best Bitcoin mining hardware, however, this is no more the case.

Miners today are not settling for any BTC mining hardware that provides less than 30 Th/s. Long story short, BTC mining hardware is a constantly changing industry. As an investor, you should constantly lookout for development in this market to enjoy steady profits. Below are some of the

Bitmain S17 and S17 Pro

S17 and S17 Pro are one of the best Bitcoin mining hardware available in the market as of today. They carry a whopping 50+ TH/s and contains second-generation nanochips. The duo is among the most efficient ASIC Bitcoin miner as at the time of this post and enables quick returns. However, the most significant feature of these mining machines are its low power consumption which helps to yield a profitable ROI

The S17 bitcoin mining equipment is manufactured by Bitmain and is a cost-effective successor of their previous machines. The S17 Bitcoin mining machines are available at several stores and you can get them for around $2500. Let us have a quick overview of the profit you can make with this hardware at 0.10 USD/kWh.

S17 best bitcoin mining hardware

From the image above, we can see that S17 is a very efficient Bitcoin mining equipment and can cover your investment costs within a year. Ironically, this BTC mining hardware is not easy to purchase as the company went out of stock within ten minutes of the sale.

Innosilicon Terminator 3 (52 Th/S)

Innosilicon Terminator 3 is the second-best bitcoin mining hardware enabling high profitability. However, priced at around $2782, this Bitcoin mining equipment might be out of reach for many investors. The Terminator 3 contains almost the same specs as S17 but runs on lower power consumption.

As at the time of this post, the device can give around $16 in profits and can ROI in around eight months. You can buy this machine from Redbag, the official seller of this ASIC bitcoin miner. Below is the image depicting the returns from Innosilicion T3.

Innosilicon bitcoin mining machine

BitFury Tradis (Eight Boards)

Bitfury Tardis is another bitcoin mining hardware you can purchase to build passive income. The model runs on BitFury latest Clarke chip technology and provides a mind gobbling 80 Th/s. However, this might mean more Bitcoin for you via mining, but the high Power Consumption kills this feature.

Tardis ASIC Bitcoin miner uses 6300W of power to mine your favorite Cryptocurrency. Besides it also weighs around 37000g which is a lot less than the industry average. In comparison, Bitmain S17 BTC mining hardware only weighs 9500g. Talking about returns, a person can make $17 a day in profit from this Bitcoin mining equipment. However, as with the rest of the above ASIC bitcoin miner, the profit entirely depends on your electricity cost.

Bitfury asic bitcoin miner

Antminer T9+

Antminer T9+ low is the best option for beginners having a low budget. Its availability and ease of configuration make it a far better choice than many other ASIC miners. It has a high hash rate and is one of the best Bitcoin mining hardware available in the market. The hardware is also a good option for miners who are looking to run multiple ASIC machines or to operate a mining rig. It is easy to use, and you can quickly configure it after going through its manual.

The hardware contains 162 BM1387 chips and is manufactured by Bitmain. It provides an excellent 10.5 Terahashes per second while using 1332 Watts. The price of a single unit range from $550 to $600, making it an affordable option for many hobby miners. However, the power supply is sold separately and isn’t a part of this price.

Antminer R4

Antminer R4 is compact in size and is a good option for miners looking to grab hardware that can easily fit in smaller places. It is also suitable for usage at home as it is much quiet in comparison to ASIC miners of the same size. The R4 uses Bitmain’s BM1387 126 chips and has a hash rate of 0.098 J/GHs, which makes it a highly efficient Bitcoin mining machine. One of the drawbacks of Antminer R4 is its price. Currently, you can purchase it for 1500 Euros or USD 1700, which makes it very costly in terms of mining efficiency. Hence, it is not recommended for beginners who are just exploring the mining industry.

DragonMint T1

The DragonMint T1 is, without a doubt, one of the Best Bitcoin Miner Hardware as of now. It is an ASIC Bitcoin miner that has been developed by Halong Mining, a new company having its specialities in manufacturing ASIC mining devices. The company claims to have invested $30 million in research and development to manufacture this beast.

DragonMint T1 uses DM8575 chip design and was one of the first ASIC Bitcoin mining machines to achieve a hash rate of 16 terahashes per second. The best part of it is that despite this remarkable hash rate, the device is extremely energy efficient and consumes a mere 0.075J/GH, which translates to approximately 1408W of electric power. In contrast, Antminer’s S9, which is the flagship device of Bitmain, provides a mining efficiency of 0.098J/GH. Additionally, Two nine-blade variable fans are responsible for maintaining the DragonMint T1 temperature. The average ambient temperature of the device is 25 degrees, which in itself is pretty remarkable.

However, the price for this mammoth starts at a staggering $2729 for the unit itself, and the power supply is sold separately for $115, making it pretty expensive. Although the price is entirely justifiable because of the mining efficiency it provides but it is still out of reach for many miners.

Antminer S9

The DragonMint T1’s popularity has made it difficult for manufacturers to accommodate the surging demand of Bitcoin mining machines. Therefore, miners look for alternatives, and one of them is Antminer S9. The Antminer S9 has 189 Bitmain BM1389 chips, which enable this monster to get hashing rate as high as 14 Tera hashes per second. The machine was the choice for many miners until the DragonMint T1 was introduced with a hash rate of 16 TH/s.

Antminer S9 has custom made heat sinks that are built with high-grade aluminum alloy. The hardware features two high-speed fans on both ends of the device. These big fans ensure that the machine will remain cool by throwing out the hot air instantly and improving the overall performance of the hardware. The price for this device ranges from $2700 to $3000 per unit. However, this price is not inclusive of the power supply that is needed to operate this ASIC Bitcoin mining machine.


Companies are focusing on the creation of small chips to build a more efficient bitcoin mining equipment. The competition in the industry is ever-growing and new capitalist are entering the market to benefit from the opportunity. Multiple options are available in the market for miners to choose among the Best Bitcoin mining hardware. However, the budget, priorities, and availability of ASIC miners can all affect your choice. Also, it is advisable to pick a mining machine that provides greater mining efficiency, rather than the one that has a higher hash rate.

Choosing the best Bitcoin mining hardware is not a cherry-pick task. As an investor, you should go for extensive research about the ASIC bitcoin miner you are planning to buy. However, if you feel short of time doing so, choosing any of the above would be a workable option. If you are still unsure, as to which Bitcoin mining machine to choose then Asicminervalue might be a good resource.

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