The Best Business Degree to Get in 2020

Despite the availability of numerous prospects and fields, one of the most preferred options for students is the business sector. If mastered well, an occupation in this sector can be rewarding both in monetary and moral terms. In the field of business, there is also a vast area of study, and it keeps expanding with recent innovations. However, one of the most common confusion faced by students is the question regarding the best business degree to get in 2020. Due to the wide range of options available and the finely separated differences in the study, most students require specialist support to determine which stratified business degree would prove to be the best for their future. This advice can is beneficial when it comes to career consultation. Here are the five best business majors, which can be the building blocks of your career!

Entrepreneurial Program/Studies

Many students presume entrepreneurial studies as a degree for those who want to establish a business, but it is not only just that. All firms require leaders who can help and lead to the growth of the company. For this reason, entrepreneurial studies are the best business degree to get for individuals who possess leadership qualities and the ability of effective decision-making.

Entrepreneurial programs are also best known for its highest rates of employment. Businesses keep an eye out for students enrolled in these programs as they can inject new energy and better coordination in their firms. Since it is also a widely offered business program, it may be an excellent choice for confident students who can perform well in decisional roles.

Business Administration

Known to be the most selected business degree in modern, business administration is a good major to pursue for individuals interested in forming and operating the fundamentals of a firm.  If the degree is sought from a reputed organization and the beholder of the degree has shown excellence in their academic terms, it may lead up to earning them a fortune! Business Administration degree guarantees an opening salary of at least $80,000-120,000 per annum, as well as positional roles of management and directors, which is a promising career prospect.

Business administration is also a safe option to pursue, since, during the course, students get to learn all the necessary details of different strands of business operations. This creates a versatile personality, which is often sought by large firms for leadership and management positions.

Accounting and Finance

Almost every business requires accountants to manage their financial transactions. Calculations and money are basically what the entire concept of business and trading is established upon. Thus, without experts in accounting and finance, it may become nearly impossible to monitor, calculate, and determine all the business transactions. Because of this and the other numerous benefit it provides, Accounting and Finance is one of the best business majors for students who love numbers and are good at money management. It is also one of the perfect fields which can secure them a place in a reputable firm.

Pursuing this business degree assures increase chances of employment and guarantees a good starting salary. Moreover, since it is a position that involves exposure to a company’s confidential monetary data, students pursuing this business major are in line to have a secure job in the future.

best business majors

Supply Chain Management

Earning six-figure paychecks is a standard dream, but for prospective employees, their choices and determination are the two things that turn their idea into a reality. For students struggling to get an idea of the best business degree can be overwhelming. Their decision to specialize in a particular field will determine not only their future but also goals and status. Specialization in supply chain management is a popular choice these days and promises a bright career together with a chance to revamp and to introduce new strategies at work.

As businesses expand, the role of supply chain management comes into play. It is not just about recording inventory or tracking orders but covers a wide area of different topics. Students enrolled in such a program learn detailed explanations regarding micro and macroeconomics, which helps them in anticipating global demand and establishing a suitable supply management system for their employer organization. What makes supply management the best business degree to get is that the students pursuing it are likely to be hired quickly and may even become valued resources for their companies if they manage to impress.

Human Resources

Primitively, this was the role of the owners/managers themselves. However, as firms expanded and the labor force increased, the need for efficient human resource departments arose with it. Offered in almost all business schools, this is one of the most valuable and best business programs. It is explicitly appealing to people who love to maintain contact and can carry out efficient communication. Human Resources is an interesting business field which also promises occupational fortunes. It is also one of the best business majors’ since it is a functional department, provides direct access to management, and assists them with recruitment, training, workforce, and much more.


Having covered the five most preferable choices for the best business majors, it is essential to mention the basis of choosing them. Even though all five of these majors are extremely prospectus, a student must align their skills and course as per their passion and interest.

The best way that a student can determine the perfect business major for themselves is by analyzing their skills and identifying their passion. While doing so, the thought of earning fame or money must be kept aside as all these majors are fruitful in the long-term!

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Majors

What should I major in if I want to start my own business?

If you are looking to do a major in a subject that prepares you to start your own business, I suggest going with Business Administration. In this course, students get to know the fundamentals of any business, learn how to devise plans and strategies to achieve both short long-term goals. These elements are essential to understand if you want to start your business and will provide you leverage against other startups.

What business degree should I get?

There are multiple factors that can help you decide the business degree you should get. However, it is essential that the major you are willing to undertake aligns with your interest enhance your creativity and decision-making.

How long does a business degree take?

A complete business degree takes four years. After majoring in business, many students also go for the master’s program that adds another two years. In contrast, there are also associate business degree courses that you can complete in two years.

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