Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction for 2020 and 2025

Bitcoin Cash it a scalable version of Bitcoin. The purpose behind its launch was to create a Cryptocurrency that is suitable and fast enough to cater to modern requirements. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin Cash has been one of the segment leaders for a long time and is among the successful Cryptocurrencies.

Despite the recent tough times seen by the crypto market, Bitcoin Cash has been able to perform considerably well and has seen a significant increase in volume. After the launch, Bitcoin Cash became a success, and its various price predictions were positive. Not only that, but Bitcoin Cash also got listed on several exchanges and was widely accepted by users and the community.

The block size of Bitcoin Cash is 8MB to accommodate more transactions. In contrast, the block size of Bitcoin is 1MB. The motive behind this increase was to improve the transaction speed, lower fees, and overall performance.

Price Performance

The brief look at the price history of Bitcoin cash shows the lack of a stable trend. Its price is highly volatile and is strongly linked to the overall market performance.

The price saw its peak soon after its launch in December 2017, and its value went to as high as USD 3160. However, the price dropped afterward and currently sits at a value of $389 at the time of this post. The graph below shows the price of Bitcoin Cash over a period of years

BCH price forecaset

Initial Price & the Later Surge

Upon its inception in the market, Bitcoin Cash had a value of $200. However, after the end of one month, the price surged to $550, and the total capitalization went over $9 billion. The massive increase in price was the result of an active interest shown by the investors. Some investors saw great potential to profit in Bitcoin Cash, calling it as a competitor to BTC.

The next phase of growth started in November 2017 as major exchanges began listing BCH. The bullish trend helped Bitcoin Cash in crossing the $1000 mark, and in December 2017, the currency was valued at $4300 with a total capitalization of $70 billion.

Price Predictions by Experts for the Years 2020 to 2024

  • Bitcoin cash price prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoinPrice believes that the Bitcoin cash will see a surge shortly and, consider it a profitable investment. According to the website, a gradual increase in price will be observed from the year 2020 to 2025. It expects the following values in the future:

BCH Price Prediction for the Year













  • Bitcoin cash price prediction by WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor is another website that provides forecasts regarding Cryptocurrencies and its performance.

As a Short-term Investment

According to WalletInvestor, Bitcoin Cash price will remain stable in the short-run. The website believes that the value of Bitcoin Cash is likely to go as high as $800 to under $400 by the end of the year 2020. However, it further adds that Bitcoin Cash will fail to replace Bitcoin or Ethereum in terms of market capitalization.

BCH forecast and price prediction

As a Long-term Investment

It is anticipated that Bitcoin Cash shall perform well in the long run. It is likely that BCH will be adopted together with Bitcoin by leading payment gateways and exchanges. Various other factors will also contribute to its growth, including the availability of smart contracts.

  • Bitcoin cash price prediction by TradingBeasts

According to TradingBeasts, the Bitcoin cash price shall be as following:

BCH Price Prediction for the YearPrice
2020$308 to $560
2021$404 to $697.1
2025Over $1000
  • Bitcoin cash price prediction by CoinPriceForecast

CoinPriceForecast believes that BCH is expected to reach a price of $500 by the end of 2020. They predict that BCH has the potential to reach a $1000 mark by the year 2023. It further predicts the following prices

BCH Price Prediction of the YearPrice
  • Bitcoin cash price prediction by Roger Ver

Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” believes that Bitcoin Cash price is likely to rise in the future, and he carries an optimistic prediction regarding its performance.

  • Bitcoin cash price prediction by Smartereum

The crypto prediction website Smartereum is highly optimistic regarding the performance of Bitcoin Cash and expects it to reach a value of $6700 before 2025. However, this price prediction is a lot dubious and open to debate.

Price Prediction by Experts for the Year 2025

  1. Bitcoin cash price prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

According to DigitalCoinPrice, Bitcoin Cash can reach a value of $1,391.24 by the year 2025.

  1. Bitcoin cash price prediction by TradingBeasts

According to TradingBeasts, the worth of Bitcoin Cash is likely to hit the $5000 mark by 2025.

  1. Bitcoin cash price prediction by CoinPriceForecast

According to CoinPriceForecast, a single Bitcoin Cash might cost $1582 by 2025.


According to multiple predictions from experts, Bitcoin Cash is likely to grow and expand in the future and shall see an increase in the overall price. It has the potential to reach the $1000 by 2021 and might replace Ripple in terms of market capitalization. Also, increasing adoption and development from the team will likely contribute to growth.

Disclaimer: This article by no means offers any trading recommendations. Therefore, all investors are suggested to be advised of the frequent and drastic price fluctuations in the Cryptocurrency market and invest only after research from multiple sources while acting under their local regulations.

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