Bitfun Review: Play Games and Win Bitcoins

Bitfun is one of the popular Bitcoin earning site. It started back in 2017 and has since been the centre of Bitcoin earning platforms. As the adoption rate of Cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing, so does the popularity of these websites. On top of that, many investors are entering the cryptocurrency market, increasing the market value of popular Altcoins and Bitcoin. But what if you are trying to understand the technology and how Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies works? As a solution, Bitfun is the answer! It is the platform where you can earn free Bitcoins by playing games or completing offers.

What is Bitfun?

Bitfun is a cryptocurrency faucet that came into existence back in the year 2017. Bitfun rewards users with free bitcoins which is one of the latest revolutions in the crypto world. It works collectively with its partner websites, allowing users to make the most of their time. At Bitfun you can earn Bitcoins in multiple ways, these include, regular claiming, playing games, and completing available offers. Once you complete any of the tasks listed on the platform, you will be rewarded in Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin.

How BitFun Works?

To start using Bitfun, you will need plugins like Flash and HTML5. These plugins are essential since they allow you to interact with the site and play games. Bitfun works on a simple technique – the more time you give to the site, the higher you will earn. It is a classic faucet and gives a random amount of Satoshis every three minutes.

BitFun Faucet Transfers Earnings to CoinPot Wallet

Any earning made by the user will be directly sent to the CoinPot wallet. Hence, you need an account on Coinpot before registering with Bit Fun. Previously, there was an option to withdraw earnings directly to your Bitcoin wallet but because of high network fees, it is not feasible anymore. However, you can still send your balance to a personal wallet through Coinpot.

Bitfun to Coinpot

The Affiliate Program

Using the affiliate program, anybody who registers and invites people to the platform gets half of the total sum earned by their referrals. Referrals also never expire and are for a lifetime. It is one of the highest commission in the industry and is lucrative for business operating in this niche.

How to Earn Bitcoins at Bit Fun?

Solving the captcha

To get bitcoins complete the captcha every 3 minutes. Though there’s no maximum limit to solve the captcha, but the faster you solve the more you win.


Users can make more Satoshi by installing applications, passing surveys, and completing offers. The number of satoshis that can be received by the user using this method depends on the completed task.

Referral program

One can get 50% of the entire amount made by every referral. The 50% shows up in the CoinPot wallet automatically.


There is also a dice game option that allows you to multiply your earnings in a classic online game. However, it is risky and not advisable.

Additionally, the website is great to kill time and allows the users to play various games while interacting with their earning model. They have a collection of popular HTML5 games such as Cut the Rope, Junior Chess, and Guns n Glory Heroes.

bit fun games


Bit Fun is an exciting site where you can find simple ways to win bitcoins in a short period of time. Solve a captcha and the bitcoin directly shows up in your account. Bitfun is not just about using the faucet but also has a variety of offers to increase your revenue.

The market is full of Crypto Faucet sites but they aren’t all worth your time. BitFun appears to be the most legit faucet to date and is free from scam accusations. Since it’s run by the same administrators who have set up sites like Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin and Moon Litecoin, it’s fair to say that BitFun faucet is trustworthy and reliable to use.

BitFun FAQ

What are the highest paying bitcoin faucet?

Moon Bitcoin and BitFun are among the highest paying Bitcoin faucet. You should also know that there are countless Bitcoin faucet today. It is a very volatile niche which makes it absolutely hard to keep a record of the highest paying platforms.

What is a Bitcoin faucet rotator?

A Bitcoin faucet rotator is a website that allows you to collect Bitcoins from different platforms in one screen. Bitcoin faucet rotator is a popular way to increase your earning by over 200%. One of the popular faucet rotators is the one by 100Count.

Why won’t Bit Fun games load?

There can be different reasons why Bitfun games are not loading on your device. The common problems include cache problems, incompatible browsers, or disabled Javascript.

Is BitFun legit?

Bitfun is operating since 2017 and has already paid hundreds of dollars to its users. It is one of the legit Cryptocurrency earning site and there is no report of scam accusations. Bitfun Faucet appears to be legit and pays instantly to your Coinpot account.

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