How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

Mobile Homes are built in factories and are placed on trailers which allow them to be moved. In several states, there are designated areas for mobile homes, which shapes a colony for mobile homeowners. These mobile homes are customizable and are often built from scratch, depending upon the choices and preferences of the owner. Moving these houses can cost around $2000, however, it can also go as much as $5000 depending on the location and the type of mobile home.

How Many types of Mobile Homes are there?

There isn’t a singular type of mobile home, which is why it is difficult to estimate the cost of moving it. These mobile homes are often available in three standard sizes if they are not custom-built by the owner. These are:

Singular Mobile Home

These mobile homes mostly include a singular bedroom and bathroom, and may also contain two. The area varies from over 600 sq. ft to 1400 sq. ft. The dimensions are normally 18by90 ft. These homes are perfect for bachelors who wish to enjoy life and move around places. It is also a suitable option for newly married couples who wish to explore and live beyond societal limits.

Double Mobile Homes

Ranging from over 2000 sq. ft to over 2600 sq. ft, these are larger mobile homes expanded on a dimension of 20by90 ft. These mobile homes are comfortably large and can accommodate two to three bedrooms and bathrooms. This option also presents the opportunity to have an extra room that can be built into a dining hall.

Multi Mobile Homes

Expanded up to even 5000 sq. ft, this is the dream mobile home! There is a huge possibility of customization and owners can choose how to build their homes. With the expanded area, the mobile home can easily accommodate three bedrooms and a dining room. These mobile homes may often be confused as on-land estates due to their size and land areas.

Cost to Move a Mobile Home

It is clear that how much does it cost to move a mobile home is dependent upon its size and type. However, it is also important to consider the factors which can contribute to the cost of moving a mobile home from one location to another. These factors are:

The Distance of the Journey

The most crucial and decisive factor in determining the cost to move a mobile home is the distance of the journey. At first, the kilometres will be considered which will determine how much time it will take for the movement and what will be the cost of the gas. Shorter distances are usually way cheaper, but still, some companies may charge high amounts as they will have to make their vehicles capable of transporting mobile homes. This means that sometimes/ they have to purchase new equipment or adjust the existing one for moving vehicles. Moreover, apart from the physical distance, the geographical conditions of the journey will also be considered. The cost tends to get higher, depending upon how rigid the conditions are.

The Cost of Tools

Moving a mobile home is not an easy process and requires specialist help from trained workers and modern machinery. It also requires the use of special tools that are built to allow the easy transfer of mobile homes. The cost is not only limited to tools and also expands to the cost of tow trucks, hitches, and different forms of moving materials.

Expenses Incurred for Permits

May homeowners wish to relocate across states or to a neighboring country. This may be tricky to execute and may also cost more as most states and countries have their own legal requirements. In this case, hiring expert movers may be a good choice as they can save you the hassle of having to arrange permits and permissions. These movers are aware of the processes and are able to streamline it. They can estimate the mobile moving cost, in accordance with the legal regulations of the particular state. 

Set-Up Cost

Many mobile homeowners book full services as it is more convenient and helps them settle more quickly into their new destination. Even though professional movers charge a transportation fee, they may expect you to pay additional charges if you require them to help you set up your mobile home in the new location. This may prove to be a bit costly but it is very convenient as the movers will take care of all your needs for the new home.

They will help you set up and attach your utilities so that you can get back to your daily life. They will also assist you in moving furniture and your belongings to the new home. The movers may also offer to set-up your interior as per the new location. Exterior monuments such as fences and statutes will also be reinstalled by the movers if the homeowners choose this service.

Insurance services

The cost to move a mobile home also includes insurance coverage by the individual and movers. During transportation, many unexpected damages may take place which can incur additional expenses. Individuals with insurance coverage are in benefit as the cost of their relocation decreases in case of unexpected events, and the company gets to bear the cost.

The Alternative

The costs involved in moving a mobile home can be expensive. But there is the option of selling your existing mobile home and purchasing another, which is less stressful and doesn’t consume a lot of time. Besides, you can get a new house, as per your requirements without worrying about the relocation cost.

Shifting into the same home at a new location seems boring. So, it may be sensible to purchase a new one and save on the moving cost. Additionally, you will also have the choice of customizing the exterior and interior as you please. You can also choose to have a different layout of your mobile home to bring a change in your life!


Moving and relocating can be a stressful process, specifically in the case of a mobile home. Since the home is literally transported in a truck, there are chances of it facing damage which can incur a heavy cost. Although buying a new home and selling your existing process is an alternative, there might still be some concerns such as interior design, and preferences.

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