CPU Mining | Best Coinhive Alternatives for 2020

CPU mining has become a popular method for generating Cryptocurrencies using a desktop or mobile device. People use it for various reasons, which can be anything from generating an additional passive income to funding a part of monthly expenses. If you are into Cryptocurrencies before 2017, there are chances that you are aware of the famous browser mining service Coinhive.

It was a popular provider of embedded Javascript miner and, at its peak, used to generate $250K worth of crypto per month. However, with falling prices and rising mining difficulty, the service ceased to exist. The event forced many webmasters to look for Coinhive alternatives, and take advantage of the opportunity.

Many saw this as an additional way to make profits, and several platforms were introduced, offering CPU mining services. The competition between these platforms forced companies to establish ethical CPU mining, giving users more control over the hidden Web miner. Also, websites such as JSEcoin and CoinIMP came up with a different idea, which was mining native tokens instead of Cryptocurrencies.

But before you read more about the Coinhive alternatives, it is essential to know that browser mining put severe strains on the hardware. This can make your computer prone to frequent overheating, damaging its long-term performance. As per the Malware bytes, the javascript mining codes are an increasing threat to desktop and mobile devices since they can negatively impact browsing experience while taking over idle resources.


JSEcoin is not like any other CPU mining service; instead, it is an easy and convenient way to monetize your website. The service lets you mine their token, running on Ethereum Blockchain. Besides, a webmaster or user, with no additional efforts, can make money using JSE without hampering browsing experience. Their website describes JSE as simple to use Cryptocurrency meant for digital advertising. JSEcoin also has different products, and it is among the first Blockchain projects to introduce Ad Exchange and In-text advertising.

The coin came into inception to tackle the growing influence of GPU and ASIC mining rigs taking over Cryptocurrency mining. To mine JSE, you need to run their built-in JS miner available on the platform or integrate the code on your website. Once you reach a considerable balance, you can convert JSEcoin to Bitcoin on exchanges, such as LaToken.

Update to JSECoin

The developers abandoned the project, and the coin is now worth nothing. Also, the team earlier faced a lot of criticism for its centralization and hidden policies that occasionally ban user accounts and fortifies their earnings.

CoinIMP (MintMe)

CoinIMP is another Coinhive alternative and assists webmasters by offering a unique CPU mining tool where you can control throttle and threads, unlike JSEcoin. The platform provides a Javascript mining code, which can easily be integrated into your website. The project is a hit among new Crypto miners looking to generate passive income without investing in expensive hardware. However, you can not mine Monero on the platform as per the latest update, and the only crypto they support is their native token, namely MintMe.

MintMe is an ERC20 token by CoinIMP to provide greater feasibility for its services. It helps in reducing withdrawal fees for the user and allows faster transactions. The token is currently traded on Stex and has the lowest withdrawal threshold. I highly recommend them if you are on a hunt to discover promising Crypto projects.


If you are not a fan of mining Ethereum based tokens or are not willing to take risks mining new Cryptocurrencies, then WebMinePool (WMP) is your likely fit. WMP is the oldest Coinhive alternative with decent payouts and regular updates. Webmasters can add WMP Javascript mining service to provide an ad-free experience to users in exchange for their computational power. The platform offers a javascript mining service similar to Coinhive. Besides CPU mining, it also allows webmasters to use its captcha as a replacement to Recaptcha and Solvemedia. The platform supports withdrawal to ExpressCrypto, which is an advantage for webmasters looking for a low withdrawal threshold.

comparison of coinhive alternatives and browser minng platformsAdditional CPU Mining Services

There are various other platforms allowing webmasters and users to generate money with their desktop or mobile devices. If none of the above are of your interest, you can try the following.

FAQ about Javascript Mining

Is Bitcoin javascript mining possible?

In theory, it is possible. However, there are little chances of making a profit. It is only feasible to work with Bitcoin javascript mining if you have access to dirt cheap electricity and an idle desktop.

What is the best method for bitcoin mining through a browser?

If you have made your mind to mine Bitcoin through a browser, I would recommend using CryptoTab Browser.

Can you make passive income using browser-based coin mining?

No. Even though browser-based mining sounds lucrative, it is only suitable for experiments or for making additional money.

Can you make a profit using Monero CPU mining?

Monero CPU mining falls under the category of Cryptocurrency mining. Even though you can generate revenue doing it, there are still several factors affecting the profitability.

In Conclusion

CPU mining is continuously evolving. Even though many platforms have closed browser mining services citing operational loss and poor market conditions, it still remains a factor in generating additional revenue for many individuals. However, you should be cautious with CPU mining since it overheats your device and can reduce its lifetime.


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