Review – Is it a Safe Investment?

8K Shares provides users with the ability to purchase, spend, and save cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Bitcoin. The company offers a wide variety of exciting features such as cash backs, rebates, and interest rewards. It provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to use their digital asset holdings to their full potential.

Tokens Offered by

Before going for a review, let’s have an overview of the two tokens it offers. The platform uses two tokens, CRO and MCO, for serving various roles in the company’s larger ecosystem. MCO was the first token by the company, and you can use it for unlocking tiered benefits. Also, you can use MCO for upgrading credit cards having higher feature sets and discounts. This means that you get access to more cash backs, rebates, and higher savings by staking more MCOs via the mobile app. In contrast, CRO is a relatively new token that is the standard medium of exchange for transactions taking place on blockchain.

The Visa Card Review

To solve the challenges related to the accessibility and usability of Cryptocurrency, is on the lead. The most eminent of these is the MCO Visa Card, which users can use for different transactions. The brand, in addition to the MCO Visa Card, has become a source of multiple other products and services. The recent addition of Crypto investment allows for easy and quick investments using cryptocurrency. is offering a portfolio of MCO Visa cards ranging from the baseline Midnight Blue with no staking requirements to the top range Obsidian Black having a condition of 50,000 MCO stake. Each level offers various perks. Pairing the MCO Visa Card with the MCO wallet allows users to spend cryptocurrency worldwide at over 40 million Visa accepting retailers.

The list of benefits is comparable to that of any of the best Visa rewards cards and includes free shipping, no annual fees, cash back on purchases, and premium cards even get unlimited airport lounge access. The platform also provides users with the ability to receive an interbank exchange rate and the option to spend overseas.

A feature in the pipeline is the Crypto Credit, which will provide a credit line to users based on MCO tokens. Another product will be the MCO Private, which shall provide products and services for affluent individuals. Earn Review allows investors to earn profits on their cryptocurrency deposits for a fixed or flexible period. The interest is added to the balance every seven days. It supports approximately 20 cryptocurrencies, and users can earn interest if they have the minimum fee per coin.

Saving and storing your digital assets play a vital role in the greater ecosystem of Therefore, it is expected that the platform will provide better incentives to its users in the future by adding more currencies to the platform.

Through Crypto Earn, the savings APR becomes higher as the quantity of staked MCO and duration of staking increases. Users earn the highest return on staking CRO, which is followed by the return on stablecoins whereas the return on volatile assets comes at last.

The platform currently offers investment periods from one to three months. It also provides a flexible program for investors that are looking for the ability to Cryptocurrencies at any time. The interest is credited to account daily, and the option of compounding it is not available.

While lending through Crypto Earn, users agree to “lock” their assets for predefined periods. At present, the platform supports MCO and CRO as well as other digital assets including LTC, ETH, BTC, BNB, MKR, XRP, BAT, and LINK. It also supports stablecoins including DAI, USDC, PAX, TUSD, and USDT. Interest Rate model Review

Although the rates displayed on the website and app are very high, you won’t necessarily be able to get that much. Several factors determine the amount of profit or interest that users will receive on their investment. I find that the provided information is a bit misleading as it suggests a flat rate of 8% interest. However, that is not reality. I would, therefore, appreciate it if they display the interest rate as they are.

The breakdown operates as follows:

Investment for Three months

  • If the investor lock the minimum required amount, he can earn up to an 8% base interest rate on cryptocurrency investment.
  • In case the minimum required amount is locked for three months, stable coins shall yield a 12% base interest rate.

Investment for One month

  • Investors can earn up to a 6% base interest rate on cryptocurrency.
  • Stable coins shall yield a 10% base interest rate.

Flexible Investment

  • If the investor lock the minimum required amount, he can earn up to a 4% base interest rate on cryptocurrency investment.
  • In case the minimum required amount is locked, stable coins shall yield an 8% base interest rate.

How Does the Platform Earn? earns by the following mechanisms:

  1. By issuing loans to interested users and charging interest rates in return.
  2. By acting as payment methods with their MCO cards and charging a transaction fee for the provided services.

Security Measures

All investment is transferred to an account that is entirely under the control of, which means that users are completely dependent on the company. This makes the investment susceptible to scam, and investors can lose all of their funds in case a hack occurs.

Referral offers a $50 referral bonus to affiliates. Although the referral program seems lucrative, the referred users need to do KYC and Stake MCO, before the reward is unlocked.


Both CRO and MCO are listed on multiple famous exchanges, including Bithumb, Binance, OKEx, and Bittrex. However, it is worth noting that Ensogo, the company at which many of the founders of Monaco worked prior to the creation of was shut down in 2016 due reasons including unstable cash management and the inability to deliver promised rewards. All these reasons, along with the unexpected layoffs, tarnished the company’s image in the eyes of the public.

Despite these reasons offers high-interest rates and is a good investment option for individuals looking for a one-month or three-month plan. Also, the platform is among the best Crypto earning platform and uses the latest encryption techniques. The majority of their holdings are in cold wallet, and the interest rates they offer are much higher than conventional banks. I recommend; however, you should make an investment based on your decision and research.


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