Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2020

Based on Blockchain technology, Ethereum Classic is an open-source platform that was launched in 2015. It came into existence when some members of the ETH community didn’t approve the hard fork due to its immutability. Multiple developments followed after the fork, including ETC Atlantis and Agharta forks.

Lately, Ethereum Classic has shown exceptional performance after mass adoption and projects switching to its Blockchain. The new development is a game-changer for the Cryptocurrency since it acts as an ETH/ETC interoperability tool. Furthermore, due to Ethereum Classic being considered a “blue-chip” currency, it has the potential of providing a much higher return than its competitors.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction by Experts For 2020

The market carries high hopes from ETC, and it is believed to perform well in the days to come. Let’s dive into the Ethereum Classic price prediction by seeing what the industry experts have to say about this Cryptocurrency

  • Price Prediction by Bein Crypto

Bein Crypto is a website that predicts the behavior and future of cryptocurrencies. The site believes that during the year 2020, ETC is forecasted to reach a mark of $150 and even give a tough time to Ethereum. However, it is a very bold and highly optimistic claim because the current trading price of ETC is less than $50.

  • Price Prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoinPrice is not very optimistic regarding the performance of ETC. It believes that the price can drop to a level of $6.56 by the end of the year 2020. Therefore, it is not a good short-term investment.

  • Price Prediction by Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts believes that ETC is expected to perform within the price brackets of $6.58 and $9.97 during the year 2020. This price at its peak is close to the current worth of ETC; however, in case it reaches a value of $6, investors will likely lose money.

  • Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor states that the worth of ETC is likely to go as low as $5.7012 by the end of the year. If this prediction comes true, short term investors will lose a lot of their investment.

  • Price Prediction by CryptoGround

CryptoGround’s Ethereum Classic price prediction states that ETC has the potential of reaching the $10 mark in 2020.

  • Price Prediction by Coinpredictor

According to another website known as Coinpredictor, the rate of Ethereum Classic is expected to go down to $4.21, which is approximately half of its current value.

Our Analysis on Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Recently development team has been introduced ETC Labs, which is in charge of working with ETC projects. It will provide tools for decentralized applications development and supporting the Blockchain services. Also, ETC has plans of incorporating hybrid consensus research and mesh networks into their system, which might assist Ethereum Classic in becoming one of the best Cryptocurrency to invest.

These developments have provided ETC a strong backing to rise again and deliver results. Therefore, we believe that by the end of the year 2020, ETC is expected to reach $20. However, Ethereum Classic also needs to improve its scalability and interoperability with other blockchains, which would indeed be a big step in its development.

Ethereum Classic price prediction for 2025

  • Price Prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoinPrice believes that in the next five years, Ethereum Classic has the potential to perform considerably better, and thus its current price of approximately $9.5 is likely to reach a value of $25.09.

  • Price Prediction by WalletInvestor

According to WalletInvestor, people looking for investment in Ethereum Classic on a long-term basis might make a lot of money in the next five years. It believes that ETC might be able to hit a value of $47.8 by 2025, which is again a very optimistic prediction.


Experts carry mixed opinions regarding the Ethereum Classic price prediction. Some believe that it will show a bearish trend. In contrast, others believe that it has the potential to surpass its competitors in the future. But one thing is for certain that if Ethereum Classic has to emerge as one of the most successful Cryptocurrencies, it needs to overcome its weaknesses in the upcoming years.

Further, by 2025 Ethereum Classic seems to have the potential of performing better and reach newer highs. It can become one of the top ten Cryptocurrencies of the world due to higher adoption rates. However, a competition to its rivals and lack of support from companies is a hurdle that ETC needs to overcome.

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