Earn Free Paypal Money Instantly Without Human Verification

Everyone needs more money, driven by factors that include achieving a certain lifestyle to paying for your monthly expenses. As economies become more competitive, having access to multiple income streams is becoming a necessity rather than a trend. Many people are searching for different ways to increase their cash inflows. Earning free Paypal money instantly with no human verification is a no brainer these days and all you need is some free time, a mobile or desktop device, and an internet connection.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is a payment gateway that people can use to pay for goods and services across the globe. It has become popular over the years and is among the largest online payment processor. Paypal makes transactions a lot easier, as it allows businesses to pay for services without writing a cheque or making an Internet Banking Fund Transfer. With millions of users across the world, many companies offer withdrawals to Paypal since it is easy, convenient, and reliable.

Ways to Earn Free Paypal Money

Earning PayPal money is an easy option for many individuals since you can do it from home. Today businesses know that most customers prefer withdrawals through PayPal, which is why they add it as a payment option for the services they provide. Below is a complete guide to help you earn free PayPal money instantly without human verification.

Sign up to Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one easy way to make money online in your spare time. It is a popular online survey website and has been operating for years. The website has over 3 million users worldwide and pays you for every survey completed. Most of the surveys at Survey Junkie are quick and easy, allowing you to make free PayPal money instantly.

The website connects you with brands and delivers them your opinion about their products or services. Each survey you complete rewards you with a certain number of points that can be converted into real cash. The minimum withdrawal is $10 (1000 points), which you can reach within a day. People can make $0.5 to $1 per survey, which quickly adds up if you are completing over a dozen surveys per day.

Signup is easy but requires information about your demographic, interests, hobbies, and age. It is advisable to fill relevant information during the signup since it can possibly unlock more earning opportunities. After joining the website, all you need to do is participate in short surveys and answer simple questions about certain products or services.

Make a Purchase Using Rakuten

If you are fond of online shopping, Rakuten is here to save you bucks while helping you make free PayPal money instantly without doing any survey. Rakuten is a Japanese company with positive reviews and a great industry reputation. It is among the best cashback services you can use on more than thousands of popular brands. The platform gives you cashback on every purchase made through them.

The best thing about Rakuten is that you can earn $10 PayPal money instantly with them just by signing up and spending $25 on any of their supported stores. To make the most from them, it is recommended to download their browser extension and get automatically notified when shopping online on eligible websites. The withdrawal threshold is only $5 at Rakuten; however, the money can take up to three months to arrive in your account.

Complete Surveys and Tasks on Different Apps

Completing tasks and surveys on different websites is one of the most common methods for earning free PayPal money instantly. There are a lot of legit platforms I use to make quick bucks, and some of them even pay $5 per day depending upon your efforts. Here is a complete list of websites I recommend for earning PayPal money with minimum efforts.

  • Grab Points – Grab Points is one of my favorite sites to earn money. They have dozens of new offers every day, and their top members are earning more than $600 per month, just by performing simple tasks. The withdrawal threshold is only $5, and you get $0.5 as a reward just for signing up.
  • SuperPay Me – If you need a simple and easy to use the website, SuperPay Me is your option! They are one of the legit surveys and get paid to do task websites with minimum withdrawal to PayPal, starting from only $1. Yes, you read that, right!
  • Swag Bucks – Swag Bucks is my favorite site, right after Grab Points, and offers more than a dozen ways to earn money online. It is another reputable platform to earn free PayPal money just by performing searches, watching videos, and playing games.
  • Idle-Empire – With over a million dollars paid in rewards, Idle-Empire is another website that allows you to earn free PayPal money. The withdrawals start from $3, which you can easily make within a few minutes.

What you need to do on all of the above apps is to perform simple and easy tasks such as reading emails and downloading apps. Besides, all of the above platforms give you a signup bonus as a headstart, and you can make $1000 per month combined, by actively using these apps in your idle time.

Review on Slice the Pie

If you want to make free money instantly without a lot of effort, Slice the Pie is probably your best option. Slice the Pie is a review platform where you get paid for reviewing products and services. There are a lot of products, music, and playlist available to review on their websites, and each review rewards you some PayPal dollars. However, make sure to write a genuine review, and only for the product you have personally tried and tested. The minimum withdrawal is only $10 at Slice the Pie, and they pay their users twice a week.

Shop Using Ibotta, Fetch Rewards and Dosh

These are all the other legit websites that allow you to earn free PayPal money instantly without completing any surveys. The above applications work on a model similar to Rakuten but pay more generously and quickly. The registration on all of these platforms is free, and you also get a reward just by signing up.

Here is the deal!

Ibotta rewards you $10, Fetch Rewards gives $2, and Dosh pays $5 just for registration on their network! That’s a quick $17 PayPal dollars within less than five minutes. All these apps are designed to facilitate users in earning real money through guaranteed cashback on their regular shopping. You can earn money by doing grocery, dining in, or paying for airport parking. Thanks to these apps and the integration of popular brands, anyone can make free PayPal dollars while doing nothing extra!

get free paypal money

Submit Snaps on Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog truly provides a way to earn free PayPal money instantly without doing absolutely nothing. You don’t have to spend time on those boring surveys or review products to make some extra cash. The only thing you need to do is to set up your account and upload a picture of your recent shopping receipt. The photos are uploaded to InfoScout’s servers, where data about your shopping preferences is processed. You’ll also have to answer a few questions about the shopping experience such as “How many people went on the trip with you?” or “How often do you visit the store?”

You can submit shopping receipts belonging to any store; there are no limitations and spend as much as you like. However, you have to ensure that the receipts are no longer than two weeks old. For each valid receipt, you will be awarded some points which you can convert to PayPal. These points quickly add up if you frequently go shopping, and if you don’t, Receipt Hog has an option such as Hog Slots and paid surveys where you can win extra cash. The payments are made within seven business days, and you’ll need to accumulate at least $5 (1000 points) in your account before requesting a withdrawal.

Get Paid for Dog Sitting at Rover

Rover is another option to get earn PayPal without doing any surveys. It is similar to Uber for dog sitting and dog walking. The application connects dog owners to people who want to dog-sit and earn money for their services. The dog owners pay you to take their dogs for a stroll or simply for taking care of them. The platform is great for dog lovers as they get to spend more time with creatures they love while getting paid for doing the same. You can set your schedule and prices on Rover and get paid within four business days to your PayPal once you hit the minimum withdrawal.

Rent your Car at Getaround

Driving for Uber and Lyft is great! You not only get to meet new people but also make money in your free time. But you can’t always drive people and take time out of your busy schedule. In short, you need to be smart with that idle car in the parking lot, and Getaround is the solution. The platform lets you make money by sharing your car with other people. The process is simple, and all you need is to sign up, list your car, and that’s it!

Getaround will handle everything from there, including insurance, scheduling, handing over keys, and logistics of renting it out. You can advertise your car for selected hours at a rate of your choice, and if you have the latest vehicle, you can charge higher rates. Also, make sure to be friendly with the people renting your car and help them where required. Having a great profile with a five-star rating will give you a boost in earnings. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can request a cashout via PayPal.

Sell Items on Decluttr

Selling your used and old electronics and media at Decluttr is another way to earn free PayPal money instantly without undergoing any human verification. Decluttr is a place where you can sell your old and slightly used stuff to earn quick money. It is a widely recommended website and provides the highest rate for your techs. At Decluttr you can sell your old mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, tablets, video game consoles, games, and even your legos. Besides, they also usually credit your PayPal the very next day after receiving your item.

To begin, use their Android or iOS app to scan the barcode of the item you want to sell and send the pictures of the product. The team will review the details and will quote you a price. If you accept the terms, Decluttr will send you a label to ship your items. Pack your items in a box and ship it out for free at any UPS store. To get the maximum price for your item, make sure to describe the condition of the product accurately. There’s no sense in hiding the defects in your product since they are going to check it before processing the payment. 

Signup on MyPoints

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks and provides countless earning opportunities. Originally established as a survey platform, MyPoints has expanded its categories to accommodate users who wish to earn money through different other methods. It started as an online survey site similar to Grab Points, but today offers simple to do tasks that help people make more easily. You can earn points by answering surveys, reading professional emails, playing games, and referring friends. These points are redeemable for PayPal, and the minimum withdrawal on the platform is only $5.

ScreenLift and Slidejoy

Both of these apps monetize your Android lock screen and pays you for watching ads. After activating them, every time you check your phone, you will see a card with an ad or trending news for which you will be rewarded. Honestly, this is one of the easiest ways to get free PayPal money instantly and requires no effort or human verification. Although it will not give you a fortune, you still get cash without basically doing nothing. Additionally, ScreenLift lets you earn faster through its sweepstakes and surveys, but I would still recommend using Slidejoy.

Explore Prolific

Prolific is unlike any other survey website and offers researchers to get direct opinions from users. The website sends you studies from companies and universities, which is a great alternative to the standard survey platforms. All of the Prolific surveys pay a minimum of $6.50 per hour, which is a lot better than many other websites. Once you complete a survey, it’s sent back to the researcher for a review, who will have to approve it within 21 days. Once approved, Prolific will automatically release the funds, which will be credited to your PayPal account within five business days.

User Testing

At User Testing, you help developers and companies test their software, web, and mobile apps. The website allows you to do a real-time review for different products through live video sessions, during which you provide verbal feedback. You must ensure that the feedback focuses on the product’s usability, ease of access, and other essential characteristics. To maximize your earnings from this User Testing, ensure that your English communication skills are up to par and that you have some understanding of technological products. The payments are made via PayPal within seven business days once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.


Another smart and easy way to earn  PayPal money without surveys is by listing your unused living space on Airbnb. The website provides a quick and easy way to make money, and all you need to do is create a free account and list your property to make some bucks every week. Although, if you don’t have a spare room or place to earn rental income from Airbnb, signing up for their “host experiences,” which is a new and unique offering. Offering host experience allows you to get paid for your services, which can include anything from helping people explore your city to showing them the cool things to do. Airbnb pays through PayPal, and you usually get credited within one business day.

Work as a Freelancer

Completing surveys, saving on purchases, or watching videos is not the only way to earn free PayPal money instantly without human verification. Instead, there are many options to make money online, and one of them includes freelancing. It is among the best and most reliable ways to earn PayPal money instantly by offering your services to those who need it. Freelance websites such as Fiverr, Guru, and PeoplePerHour, are unique platforms that connect individuals selling their skills to potential buyers.

The best thing about them is that they have a large client base, and thousands of jobs are posted on them every day. You can sell anything from copywriting, proofreading, logo designing to content and website audits, and earn from the comfort of your home. Another advantage of earning through these websites is that it allows you to manage your time and schedule and contains almost an infinite number of categories to help leverage your talent.

Sell Unwanted Items Online

Another common way to earn free PayPal money is by selling items online. The most preferred platform for this is eBay, where there are high chances of making money for your old or unneeded items. From used clothes to collectibles, you’ll be shocked at what people are paying for your item. While you are getting rid of an unneeded “asset,” it is bringing you money, all while sitting at your home. Receiving payments is very easy on eBay. Once the auction ends, or a customer purchases your product via “Buy it Now” (fixed-price) price, payment is sent directly to your PayPal account.

However, there can be issues with the transactions for many reasons, and they are quite often. These can include disputes regarding damaged items, delivery to the wrong address, or just anything else. In these cases, you’ll need to resolve the grievances of the seller, or Paypal will keep holding your funds. Alternatively, you can also join local Facebook selling groups and make quick money by disposing of unwanted items.

Monetize your blog

Having a blog opens new opportunities to make free Paypal money instantly and requires no survey or human verification. You can monetize your website in different ways, but if your aim is to make some quick bucks, then integrating popunder and banner advertising networks is always the best option. Using platforms such as Propellerads and Adsterra, you can quickly monetize your website and earn Paypal dollars without much effort. Some of these networks also allow you to promote links through traffic exchange in case you don’t have a website.

The best thing about monetizing your blog is that it generates continuous income. Even though you won’t be making millions, but it is still some free money. Besides, if you have premium traffic, you can get higher rates and can easily make $5 per day without any significant work. I recommend this method because it is feasible, and you don’t need to wait a month to get your payment. Also, many ad networks have a very low withdrawal threshold and pay instantly after request.

Why Use PayPal – The Three Main Benefits

Most of the above options undoubtedly allow you to get free Paypal money instantly, but why PayPal? Well, here are a few advantages of using PayPal.

24/7 Online Payment

Unlike cash and some banking services, PayPal is accessible for payments at any time. The flexibility offered to customers creates greater convenience for users, which motivates them to earn PayPal money as it can easily be transferred and used for purchases. Moreover, several platforms accept PayPal across the globe against their services, making it one of the most accessible and convenient payment options available.

Chance to Earn Free Money

As mentioned above, this is probably the best motivating factor for using PayPal. By making money from the above websites, you can transfer them to your bank account, increasing your monthly cash inflows. On the majority of these platforms, you also don’t need to undergo human verification, saving you a lot of time while allowing you to start working immediately.

Security of Information

Unlike bank payments, PayPal is an intermediary service provider that protects your confidential information. It provides one of the best security in terms of identity theft and payment protection while allowing you to spend your money freely.


There are many simple and easy ways to earn free PayPal money. These include taking surveys, watching videos, driving on Uber or Lyft, freelancing, and renting your free space on Airbnb. Of course, all of these methods require some work on your part, but they are legit and pay almost instantly after a withdrawal request. The trick here is to discover the way which needs less time and effort, and this can vary as per your location and experience.

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