How Much Money do Tiktokers Make?


You must be aware of the different ways to earn money through social media, but what about TikTok? In recent times, TikTok, a relatively new platform, has become one of the best online applications, not only for entertaining content but also for earning money for many content creators. On average, a TikToker with over millions of followers can easily make $3000 to $10000 per month depending on his geography, brand collaboration and user engagement.

The main question is, how can they make so much money and what are the different strategies they can imply to increase their earnings. With over $3 Billion in profits and 2B downloads, TikTok is a growing platform for many users who are hindered by growing content saturation on YouTube. The app is famous in parts of Asia, and TikTokers are relying on its ability to make money by creating engaging visuals. Here is how you can jump on the bandwagon and create a fortune on TikTok.

Sell your Merchandise

TikTokers tend to gain several fans over time. Their following thus holds immense respect and love for them as their content influences them. This means that the fans also endorse TikToker’s famous dialogues and slogans. For content creators, this becomes a method of earning progressive income as they can use their fame to establish their merchandise store or e-commerce platform. The best thing about developing a merchandising business is that these content creators do not have to contact external agencies to market their brand. They can do so themselves through their TikTok handle.

Starting your merchandise also gives you a lot of options. You can offer customized t-shirts, bracelets, shoes, etc. Apart from TikTok itself, you may also provide your merchandise for sale on other e-commerce platforms and partner with them to earn more. But how much money can TikTokers make by selling goods? Well, it depends on the influencer ability and the method they are promoting a product. You can either make a short video centred on a brand or just provide a shot during video production. The key here is getting the merchandise seen easily and coming up with something extraordinary to catch the audience’s eye.

Selling Established Accounts

Many people may create a TikTok account for personal fame. However, some may do it out of fun or just to explore ways to earn money on the platform. After some time, new users to the platform might quit using TikTok because of different reasons including lack of time or content ideas. However, there is an excellent way to make money out of your old TikTok account instead of abandoning it.

TikTok handles and followers may sell well to people who wish to start with a base of fans. Certain companies have an eye out for such TikTok accounts. Since this platform has a vast user base, it is desirable for companies, especially small businesses, to purchase it for marketing their products. Thus, they tend to look for these organic accounts specializing in their niche and approach the creators to buy it.

Companies purchase and take control of these accounts with a high number of followers as this would mean more viewership of their live session and, subsequently, more sales. Often, these accounts may go for high sums; hence there is no maximum limit how much money TikTokers can make through this method. However, to make money from this method, you can it is essential to consider a niche first, so it targets an audience having specific interests.

Gain Brand Partners and Participate in Events

For popular TikTokers, there is an exclusive option of earning high amounts because of their followers. Since these influencers have a huge fan-following, they may be good ambassadors to market a company’s product. Make-up brands, Telephone companies, as well as clothing brands, are often known to approach social media stars to market their products. Since TikTok is one of the most widely followed platforms, these companies tend to contact famous TikTokers in their region for partnerships or may invite them to participate in their brand launch events.

But how much do Tiktokers make for brand collaborations? Well, there is no limit, and it can be as high as $3000 per endorsement! However, certain factors influence the amount, including the popularity of the TikToker’s account. The more famous and followed they are, the higher they get paid! Moreover, the requirements of the companies also determine their payment. In exchange for cash, some of these TikTokers may be asked to give a speech, sing/dance, or post on behalf of the company onto their main social media accounts. Thus, the complexity and vastness of the requirements tend to determine how much money TikTokers can make using this method.

Consultation Advice

Being an expert TikToker can also provide you with a consultation career, apart from making money or continuing to influence others through your account. Since many people tend to gain quick popularity on the platform and continue to amaze people with their content, they have a significant impact on aspiring influencers. For anything you do, is best to if an expert is your guide, which is why many people rely on famous TikTokers for advice on how to influence others through their account.

Being a consultation expert for TikTok, people and brands will reach you to provide strategies and content improvement advice so that the visibility of their videos improves. The best thing about delivering consultation advice for this platform is that there is no limit to how much money you can make by doing this. If you can help in delivering the results demanded by the client, you may even be paid more than your expectations.

Coin Gifting

Since the last update of, a similar platform, gifting coin is a common option to earn money. On TikTok, the possibility of going live, allows content creators to interact with other users and receive points in exchange. The creators of the program can do daily sessions, and if their followers like the content, they can benefit from TikTok internal currency. You can accumulate this virtual currency, and once it reaches a certain amount, it can be traded for real money.

This is one of the very few ways by any platform, in which the money you can make is not limited by any regulations. The only requirement placed is by the app itself, which demands users to have at least 1000 followers before they can begin a live session. Again, there is no limit to how much TikTokers can make in a day through this method, as you may redeem up to $1000 per day if you receive enough gift coins.

Now that it is clear how much money do TikTokers make through different methods, it is also crucial for our readers to know how to become famous on the app before they can earn money. Below are a few instructions to make your account famous and to earn significant amounts. 

  • Create an Appealing Account and Content

The first step towards achieving success on TikTok or any social media account is by creating appealing content. The first thing which attracts people’s eyes is the quality, colors, backgrounds, and settings. Moreover, to create a bigger fan base quickly, it is important to follow the ongoing trends and to create videos that people usually follow.

  • Maintain Consistency

It is essential to know that consistency will eventually affect money a TikToker can make. TikTokers who maintain their consistency and manage to keep regular contact with their fans will get regular visits, resulting in higher fan following. This is important to make sure that the fans are retained and that they do not unfollow the account.

  • Social Media Promotion

People use numerous social media platforms every day, and this has become the norm. To bring in more followers and take advantage of the growing popularity of TikTok, the content creators must socialize with users on other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They can do this by sharing their content or by diverting the user’s to their TikTok’s profile. The more you boost viewership for your content, the higher are the chances of earning well from TikTok.


Social media has become a relatively easy and accessible source of earning an income, but the journey is not comfortable. The platform promises excellent earning opportunities, although it is crucial to consider that the process is not instantaneous. The user must come up with distinctive creativity, and patience to be successful. However, since TikTok is the fastest growing social media, it provides a lot of opportunities to early users and content creators with a huge following. Since you now know how much money can TikTokers make and are also aware of the strategies to gain followers, we hope you can become the next rising star! Although if all of this seems a lot to do, then here are ten easy ways to make money online.


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