Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable In 2020?

Whether Bitcoin mining is profitable or not, depends on different factors. Making a profit from Bitcoin mining has become a costly and painstaking task. With massive competition and ever-increasing mining difficulty, it is getting harder to enter the market. Without any doubt, the interests in Cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed since 2016, as the total Crypto market capitalization went over $700 billion before taking a hit.

Bitcoin mining has a lot of appeal from investors that are interested in getting a reward for their work. In the early days, making a profit from Bitcoin mining was easy, primarily due to the absence of ASIC miners. It was also once nothing more than a hobby done by Crypto enthusiasts. The only thing you would require was a simple desktop or computer to start mining. However, things have changed a lot in the past five years, questioning the profitability of Bitcoin mining.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable? – The Factors

In 2009, Bitcoin miners used standard CPUs to confirm transactions on the Blockchain. The mining difficulty was low, and the block reward was 50 Bitcoins. Fast forward to 2019, mining the same amount of BTCs a month, would require a setup cost of over $20,000. That’s a lot of capital but, if you still wish to set up Bitcoin mining, here are the factors that you need to consider for achieving profitability.

Electricity Cost

The power cost is a significant factor in determining your profitability. In countries where electricity cost is high, Bitcoin mining remains unfeasible. Electricity rates also change depending on the season, and measuring it can be frustrating at times. Having access to cheap electricity is the first and foremost consideration you should pay before starting Bitcoin mining.

Mining Hardware

Back in 2010, people make use of their standard CPUs to mine Bitcoin. However, with the advent of new Bitcoin mining software and hardware in 2013, this activity quickly became obsolete. Now you need to invest in expensive ASIC mining hardware to enter the industry. Today, there exists multiple mining hardware in the market, and Asicminervalue has comprehensive documentation for all of them.


The efficiency describes how much power your ASIC miner consumes in watts to generate one Bitcoin. Calculating efficiency is one of the complex factors in Bitcoin Mining, and varies continuously depending on the mining difficulty.


Hashrate is the measure of computational power hardware can perform. The higher the power, the greater are the rewards. As at the time of this post, the collective Hashrate of Bitcoin network was 80 Exahash. The number signifies the amount of tremendous investment into hardware and electricity costs. Hashrate is crucial to determine profit from Bitcoin mining and also signals the increasing or decreasing interest in the activity.

Mining Difficulty

With Hashrate increasing over the past years, it would seem that block would be found by miners quickly. However, the Bitcoin difficulty prevents this from happening. The Bitcoin protocol is designed in a way that adjusts to changing Hashrate for ensuring that every block is generated roughly every ten minutes. Hence, if the Hashrate increases, so do the difficulty and vice versa.

Mining Pool

Bitcoin mining these days are done by taking advantage of mining pools unless you have an enormous amount of Hash power under your control. Back in 2009, Bitcoin mining was easy, and any individual could find blocks using standard CPUs. However, as the competition and interest in Bitcoin mining grew, miners started to join their power in a pool for solving a block. Mining pools today are dedicated web apps that allow miners to connect their hardware. The mining pool charges fees for using their service. Once the pool finds a block, the miners receive payments according to their hash rate contribution.

Bitcoin Value

Ultimately, the value of a single Bitcoin decides your profitability. If the price is increasing while the difficulty remains constant, likely, your profits will also climb.

In Conclusion

To conclude whether Bitcoin mining is profitable, it is crucial to take into account the direct and indirect factors that affect the returns. It is also essential to use online Bitcoin mining calculators and make a comprehensive plan before you start. You can play with different numbers during the calculation to find your break-even and determine if the profits are something you would go for.

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