Why Is Computer Science a Good Major?

University students are often under-pressure regarding their career choices. This is something that is particularly highlighted while choosing their major. Many students wonder if computer science is a good major among the many options. Now commonly a part of major universities and a requirement for several jobs, students feel that it can be the perfect choice for the future. Not only is computer science a hard major according to many surveys, but it is also reported to be a good choice because of the rising demand for technology and software. Hence, to inform students better, here’s a list of reasons why opting for a computer major may be the best choice you make!

Career Prospects Safe from Recession

Recession is a phase that may occur in any country. In this period, companies usually make their labour redundant, however, there are some workers which it must retain. In such scenarios, an occupation requiring computer science is deemed safe as they usually are a part of core operations. Also, it is possible to find jobs requiring computer science majors during a recession since their demand is usually constant. Moreover, these jobs require a lot of testing, debugging, and development work, which makes it difficult for firms to make workers redundant during research or major upgrades to a program.

Explore your Creativity

In the realm of computer science, there is no limit to creativity. This can be observed by the level of advancements reported in software and devices. In the industry, there are particular niches to choose from by which you can make the best choice which suits your interests. By opting for computer science as a major, you will be able to gain knowledge and details regarding a number of different subject areas which may open prospects for several computer linked jobs. Not only is computer science a good major, but it is also one that allows a person to experiment and try out new methods and provides the opportunity to invent useful devices and programs.

Chances of Both Government and Private Jobs

Many people wish to choose professions that can help them in gaining government jobs as it earns them a separate status. Computer science is an educational prospect that can help you secure a government job as the state requires computer specialists for their frontline agencies in order to prevent informational theft. Government data is classified and thus, having competent individuals to prevent hacking and to protect and preserve data is essential. Mostly, having this job may offer a long-term contract, thus there are also fewer chances of redundancy. For people who wish to join the private sector instead, there are numerous industries that require computer specialists as the need and usage of technology is consistently rising.

Prestigious and High-Paying Jobs

University courses are a huge investment and thus, it is important to choose the one which can provide a highly reasonable return for the amount spend. Even though majoring in computer science can be difficult it is also one of the highest paying and most secure professions available. Today companies offer high salaries to computer scientists, because of the rising demand for continuous innovation and rising competition. The profession is also highly respectable in numerous organizations and people get, external perks along with the job security.

Challenging Jobs

Many people wish to avoid working in boring occupations, and computer science is an option for them. The jobs offered in this field can be challenging for an individual as it tests their knowledge as well as creativity. Not only is computer science a good major, but it is also one which allows an individual to learn teamwork and helps them in increasing their knowledge. A major in this degree is likely to provide advanced exposure to computer-related devices and machinery which can help a passionate individual satisfy their craving for additional knowledge and practical experimentation.

Contribution to the World

Majoring in computer science may just be your next step towards becoming a national or global hero. It is also one which provides people with the opportunity to make a positive difference to the world. By specializing in computer science, you have the chance to create devices or software which can positively influence the world. These may help in making communication easier, faster payment, bringing people closer, offering information security or doing things that help make the world a more comfortable and accessible place.


Computer science can be one of the best degrees to get in 2020. Considering the rising demand for technology in the world, the demand for computer experts is also rising. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a difficult degree and will test your skills, but it will provide a secure future and returns in the long-run!

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