Top Ten Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Today, there exist lots of opportunities for kids to make money, but it might be difficult to choose the best option. There are several reasons why a kid would be willing to enter the job market and use his skills to earn money. Besides, working from an early age provides exposure to the different segments of the market and gives them a head start towards professional life. Many kids show a keen interest in earning at an early age as they recognize the importance of gaining practical experience.

Making Money as a Kid

Kids may possess special skills and creative execution abilities, which may influence them to market themselves and earn money. Besides, Many kids realize the importance of money and may consider it as a better option than relying on their parents. Here are ten amazing ways to make money as a kid fast!

Sell Artwork Online

Some children are incredibly talented when it comes to arts and crafts; hence they can explore their talent and earn through it. Children with creative artistic abilities can create artwork such as painting, sketches, custom-made mugs, t-shirts, and can then offer them for sale. These children can make use of online selling platforms such as eBay or may market the artwork on social media accounts. The children can also host garage sales at their homes so that creative pieces can be sold in the vicinity. So, stock up your canvases and take orders for custom artwork!

Earn through YouTube

YouTube is a creative and engaging platform that does not only allows you to share your content with the world but also provides kids the chance of making money online. On the platform, there are many channels in which children do amazing challenges or share moments of their life which are relatable to others. Since most of the users of YouTube are children or teens, there is a high scope of gaining popularity.

The best tip to earn money through YouTube is to pick a particular niche for your channel such as vlogging, artwork, learning material, etc. Once your channel receives a particular number of subscribers, you can monetize your videos and earn money. YouTube pays a standard rate per view, which is already a sustained way to earn. You may also partner with brands and channels in order to earn more from your engaging hobby.

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Invest in Stocks

For children who have a particular interest in the financial realm, investing in stocks is an option for them. The best thing about investing in stocks is that children can gain knowledge about risk-management and are able to learn the necessary skills for their future. However, financial markets are restricted to people below 18 years of age, so you might need to ask for assistance from your guardian. You can ask them to create an account on any stock related application, which will enable you to make investments.

Besides, you can begin with a dummy account that lets you test your skills and is helpful in learning price movements. You can also go for future options, which allow you to start investing with as low as $10; however, they are very risky and aren’t recommended for the novice.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade is not only a perfect drink for scorching summer afternoons, but is also another way to make money as a kid. It can provide amazing revenue and entrepreneurial skills. It teaches kids to be involved in the production and creation process of their product, teaches them how they should market it, and also instills communication and customer dealing skills.

For children, who wish to find the best way of how to earn money as a kid, this is one of the most feasible options. You can operate your own stall with minimal ingredients and tools that you can easily find at home. Moreover, you can also learn many entrepreneurial and marketing skills while satisfying the thirst of local customers in scorching afternoons! So, ask your parents to buy you the ingredients, set up a creative and colorful stall, and explore another way to make money as a kid.

Do Daily Chores for People

Many people do not find time to perform daily chores and extra tasks due to their tough schedules. Such an opportunity provide kids to make money, as people usually prefer them to do these chores. These tasks are often really engaging and creative and may involve work such as mowing lawns, painting fences, taking pets for walks, etc.

Additionally, you also market these services online and create social media pages and reach out to people in your neighborhood. Next, you can list your services and the rates you are willing to charge and create an entire services portfolio to gain regular customers!

Freelance Work

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money as a kid online. Signing up to online platforms such as Fiverr can be one of the best ways for a kid to earn contractual income. Kids can learn some skills and sell them to earn money without leaving the comfort of their homes.

All that you have to do is sign up on the platform, list your expertise, and add your skills. The platform will then suggest some projects which match the skill set you possess. Kids can choose the projects they’d be interested in doing, and contact the person who has posted these requirements.

Graphic Designing

For kids who love graphics and are good at virtual designing, this can be the best prospect of making money online. The best thing about graphic design is that it is a one-time learning experience that can prepare you for an ultimate income. Kids can utilize their free time and vacations in learning this skill and may then invest time in improvising and testing their creativity.

The best way of how to make money as a kid fast is to learn graphic designing and then gain contracts. Kids may sign up for freelance sites where they will receive orders as well as valuable remuneration for their work. These children may also receive designing work from local citizens or may be able to charge their school friends for creative graphic posters!

Be a Tutor

Children have the ability to easily grasping a subject or language, and this interest may compel them to master tutoring. Kids with skills such as good academic abilities, music knowledge, or foreign language may be able to earn money by offering their services to people pupils. People may be inspired by these kids and may be willing to pay generous amounts to obtain services for their children. Moreover, this is also one of the easy ways to make money as a kid and come with high rewards and prestige.

Provide Swimming Lessons

Some kids are excellent swimmers, which they can use to earn some bucks. Swimming is now considered as an essential life skill that every person should possess. Children with good swimming skills can offer to teach at local swimming pools or may also set up baby pools in their backyard to provide their services.

This option can often bring regular income to a kid, especially if their target market includes children living in elite suburbs. In these areas, most houses have private swimming pools and may offer a high-payment to young instructors who can come over and teach their children.

Baking and Selling

Baking is one of the best ways that make children independent and teaches how to make money as a kid. In your free time, it is beneficial to be involved in either informative or creative tasks. Baking provides you an incredible opportunity to be creative and test your capabilities; however, it is also another way to make money as a kid. Cakes, cupcakes, and pastries are items that are consistently in demand all over the year as they are often compulsory for joyous occasions. Hence, kids can do business out of this by baking and selling them in their neighborhoods.

They may also market their products through brochures or online platforms, listing specialties, and contact details to easily book orders. This is, by far, one of the best ways for children to earn and learn simultaneously, and the kids also learn to market their products and communicate with customers.

Creating a successful Earning Method

Now that you know super-creative ways of earning money as a kid, you must also learn that none of these occupations or contracts can be executed without a proper framework. Hence, whichever option you wish to follow, here are four steps you must undertake to create a successful earning method!

  • Decide your Goal

The first step to earning money as a kid fast is to set a goal that you must work towards. Whichever option you choose, it is important for you to decide why you are doing it. To stay motivated, it is essential to select a goal that inspires you to perform better. Hence, you may choose goals such as saving up for some collectible, paying off some expenses, etc.

  • Be Creative

For some kids, the above ideas may not fit in or be enough to reach their earning goals. They may somehow be restricted from performing any of these due to a lack of skills or resources. However, this does not mean they cannot earn. Thinking of a new idea or coming up with new ways or targeting a niche market, can be helpful. Hence, it is advisable to innovate your product, add to your skills, and gain more knowledge to reach your income target.

  • Arrange Capital

Every business or activity requires capital to start. For kids willing to make money, it is important to know the logistics required for their business and to have a rough estimate of how much it will cost. When they have a rough idea of their starting expenses, they can think of ways to arrange their finance. Kids may invest their own savings or ask their parents to contribute towards their goal.

  • Devise a Marketing Strategy

After you have successfully established your business and have decided upon the services you will offer, the next step is to market your product or service. Some of these strategies include connecting to your target market via social media or using leaflets or brochures to gain more customers.


There is no age restriction to make money. As a kid, it is best to start with something you already admire or passionate about. If you are into playing games, how about live streaming your video and earning through it? Anyhow, it is always better to do some research before beginning your journey, as it can provide a head start to reach your goals.

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