Digibyte Price Prediction for 2020, 2023 and 2025

Digibyte Price Prediction

Digibyte focuses on increasing transaction speed, decentralization, and security. Jared Tate created the coin in 2014, its then lead developer. The DGB blockchain is much better than other cryptocurrencies, making it one of the top speculative altcoins. The primary goal of the DigiByte team is to deliver secure and fast transactions to users. Additionally, DigiByte is one of the oldest …

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The Best Business Degree to Get in 2020

best business degree to get

Despite the availability of numerous prospects and fields, one of the most preferred options for students is the business sector. If mastered well, an occupation in this sector can be rewarding both in monetary and moral terms. In the field of business, there is also a vast area of study, and it keeps expanding with recent innovations. However, one of …

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Tezos Price Prediction for 2020 and 2025

tezos price prediction

Former Morgan Stanley analyst Arthur Breitman developed the infamous Tezos platform. It took two weeks to raise around $230,000,000 both in contributions from Bitcoin and Ether. However, because of some legal issues, Tezos took a long time to begin. The Tezos Foundation employed PwC, a well-known company of professional auditors to address existing and future legal problems. On 17 September …

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XLM Price Prediction for 2020 and 2025

xlm price prediction

Stellar is an Altcoin based on Bitcoin’s source code. Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim founded the platform at the beginning of 2014 during their work on the Ripple system. The XLM coin was later reconstructed as an independent project powered by Stellar Lumens. The Stellar Development Foundation was created to support the maintenance of currency and its development. Stellar support …

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Bitfun Review: Play Games and Win Bitcoins


Bitfun is one of the popular Bitcoin earning site. It started back in 2017 and has since been the centre of Bitcoin earning platforms. As the adoption rate of Cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing, so does the popularity of these websites. On top of that, many investors are entering the cryptocurrency market, increasing the market value of popular Altcoins and Bitcoin. But …

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Doji Candlestick Formation and Significance

doji candlestick candle

Doji candlestick is a pattern in Forex or Cryptocurrency when a commodity opens and closes at the same price range. It is a transitional candlestick and signifies the war between the bull and bears. The Doji candle is usually found at the top or the bottom of an up or downtrend and is considered reversal candlestick. Doji candlestick is one …

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Your Complete Guide to Bearish Engulfing Candle Pattern

The bearish engulfing candle is a reversal pattern and usually occurs at the top of an uptrend. It signals an upcoming bearish movement and compromises two candlesticks to complete the formation. The bearish engulfing pattern is one of the favorite visuals for new and pro traders to make short-term gains or exit the market. The engulfing candle indicator occurs when …

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Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for 2020


Based on Blockchain technology, Ethereum Classic is an open-source platform that was launched in 2015. It came into existence when some members of the ETH community didn’t approve the hard fork due to its immutability. Multiple developments followed after the fork, including ETC Atlantis and Agharta forks. Lately, Ethereum Classic has shown exceptional performance after mass adoption and projects switching …

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Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware – Guide to ASIC Miners

best bitcoin mining hardware

The best Bitcoin mining hardware changes every year. New technology comes and takes over the previous one making the later obsolete. Despite the profitability and a way to build passive income, your Bitcoin mining equipment might incur severe losses. On its inception, Bitcoin Mining was a simple task and any home computer or low-end laptops could easily take part in …

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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction for 2020 and 2025

Bitcoin cash price prediction

Bitcoin Cash it a scalable version of Bitcoin. The purpose behind its launch was to create a Cryptocurrency that is suitable and fast enough to cater to modern requirements. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin Cash has been one of the segment leaders for a long time and is among the successful Cryptocurrencies. Despite the recent tough times seen by …

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