RoyalStox Review: An Advanced Online Broker

Everyone is looking for fast ways that are legal through which they can make money. Everyone is looking forward to being financially stable and attaining financial freedom throughout their lives. This is why a lot of people are taking the initiative to protect their future while they have the chance. There are so many ways available on the net that promises you quick rewards, although most of them usually prove to be futile.

However, the financial industry is vast and caters to the financial need of everyone. Trading with digital assets has proven to be very lucrative for many people and there are so many assets with which a person can trade and make a steady income. The unpredictability of the market can be used to one’s advantage if one properly studies the market trends and understand it.

However, a newbie in the trading world can similarly excel in the market when he/she chooses the right online broker to trade with. This is an important part of trading as the right broker grants you access to hundreds of markets globally and gives you access to many assets with which you can trade with. Crypto coins and Forex has been the trending assets in the market lately.

This is because these markets are very profitable as can be seen from the many people with success stories once they begin to trade with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As profitable as this is, the hitches attached makes many people skeptical about joining the financial industry. One of the many hitches is the tendency to fall into the hands of the wrong broker.

Online brokers are numerous in the financial industry and it is becoming extremely difficult to know which online broker is truly legit and which is just looking to get a piece of your money and then walk away. They make tall claims about how they can double your money and then disappear after ripping an unsuspecting trader off of his/her money.

How then do you know when an online broker is legit then? Sometimes choosing a trader based on how famous it has become in the market is not the answer. Some trading platforms are just not the right fit for you. Reviews like this one are a good place to start figuring out which online broker would be right for your trading goals.

In this review, we would be analyzing RoyalStox, an online broker, in full. We would discover their features and how legit this platform truly is. Questions about security and efficiency will be answered in this review to help traders discover if this is the right broker for them to achieve their financial goals in the various markets.

What We Know About

Unlike other trading platforms that have been around for an awfully long time, RoyalStox arrived just a few years ago and began to gather its popularity slowly. The popularity was well deserved as it came packed with instruments and several qualities that make it such an amazing platform to trade with. While packed full with several instruments to enhance trade, this trading platform manages to offer a simple and easy to navigate interface.

The team responsible for the advanced trading platform are experts in the financial industry who have ample experience in the different trends of the market. They also have enough knowledge about all the assets that can be traded with and the pros and cons of each asset. They came together with the aim of creating a trading platform that won’t present any problem to the traders who users it. Their aim was to prove reliability in a market that is lacking in it.

According to these experts, they took a very long time to finally launch this platform. This was to avoid presenting a platform with low quality and that had low performance in the market. They took the time to check out every aspect of the platform to ensure it was far above average before launching the platform to the public. Although many people were skeptical at first, a trial was all it took to convince them.

The many amazing reviews by traders who have made use of this platform makes it clear why this platform is amongst the top online brokers in the financial industry despite its late arrival. The many instruments that are sure to give traders a better chance in the various markets put the platform above average. With advanced features and top-notch tools, this online broker has made its mark in the financial industry over time.

If you’re wondering what kind of assets you can trade with on this platform, then you are presented with several assets. It also gives traders the opportunity to carry out trades with CFDs which presents traders with many opportunities to select from and make profits conveniently. With this type of trading, there is no need to buy assets that are physical; trades are carried out based on contracts.

How does this happen? A trader has to predict how the price of an asset is going to turn out at a particular time in the future and then profit when your predictions turn out right. In addition to vast trading opportunities, RoyalStox also offers a convenient environment to carry out trades. Their platform has many tools embedded that give traders a chance to enhance their trades and diversify as they wish.

Even though there is no end to the platforms where you can trade with crypto and forex in the financial industry, RoyalStox stands out with amazing offers. It is unique in its own way and endeavors to stand out among the rest with excellent trading qualities which will be reviewed further in this article.

Distinctive Qualities Offered by

Trading platforms are continually surprising traders with new platforms put in place to help traders enhance their trades. However, as many platforms provide new advanced features, other platforms continue to lag behind and do not evolve with the changes. This is why many platforms lose their clients to the new and upcoming trading platform with many features to offer.

RoyalStox is one of those new platforms that came armed with amazing qualities to help traders achieve their various goals in the financial market. The developers who created this platform ensured that traders found all they needed within the platform and could excel whether they had any experience or not before trading on the platform.

  • Value-Added Security

Security is important in everything we do, especially it is done online. Cyber-attacks are becoming the norm of the day and they continue to spring up new methods to get through different firewalls and get the data of several people. By doing this, they rip people off of their money and then use the information gotten in many other ways.

With this in mind, it is important to check out the security of any online broker you choose to register with. Make sure that security is as much a priority for them as it is for you. Many online brokers in the financial industry are lackadaisical when it comes to providing ample security on their platform and lets just anybody gain access to their trading platform.

This is not the case with RoyalStox, they took their time to make sure that their security is tight and that every information that is given by traders on the platform is encrypted immediately so that the information becomes completely unusable by any hacker that might make his way into the platform. You can trade with your mind at rest that your money and your information is safe with this platform. Nothing that belongs to you will be used on this platform without first getting express permission from you.

  • An abundance of Educational Resources

New traders who are just making their way into the financial industry might find it a bit difficult to carry out trades successfully. This is because they do not have enough information to help them make the right decisions in trades and choosing the right assets. Some trading platforms in the market do not put resources in place to help traders learn more while also trading so that they can excel in the market.

RoyalStox has got you covered on this end. The platform has provided many training resources that new traders in the market and those with a level of experience can all gain from. There are several contents available on the platform, webinars and pdf to train you on how to trade and the various market trends so that you can make informed decisions in all trades carried out. Many traders refer their training contents to newbies in the trading world looking to gain knowledge while also carrying out trades.

  • Trial Trading For Trading Newbies

So many beginners in the financial industry give up trading within the first few weeks of joining. This is mostly because they do not understand the market and how unpredictable it can be. They put their money in and lose it almost immediately and this discourages them. Theoretical knowledge is not everything in the financial industry. You need to know how to apply them in trading.

However, it can be very scary to use your funds to carry out practice knowing fully well that there is a high chance of losing your funds in the market. This is where RoyalStox trial trading comes in. they allow new traders to trade with a demo account and learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge to live to trade. This trial trading is run on historical market data that has been gathered and gives you the feel of a live trading room.

By first taking a trial run on RoyalStox, a beginner gains some knowledge on how to trade and strategies that he/she can employ while carrying out trades in the live market. With this knowledge, a beginner will perform better in the financial industry with little chances of them losing any money in the market.

Numerous Account Sets Offered by

Before you can have access to a trading platform and the many tools attached to the account, it is important that you register on the platform. When you choose to register on a platform, you have to choose an account with which trade with. RoyalStox presents you with a variety of accounts that you can make your selection from.

These accounts are designed to satisfy different financial goals and also the different status of traders in the financial industry. There are about five accounts that RoyalStox has prepared for its various customers and they are all open to traders at a specific deposit.

  • The €500 Account

This account is the simplest account you will find on the platform. It was created with beginners in mind who have almost no experience in the trading world. Traders with low income can also start out on this account and then build up after making some profits. This account can be unlocked with a deposit of €500 and comes with about 10% of leverage on all trades.

There is also a bonus of about 30% when a trader unlocks the Basic Account. There are also tools that are attached to this account like alerts on trades carried out and also charts. However, there are limitations on this account unlike the others.

  • The €2500 Account

This is the second available account on the Royalstox platform. This account is meant for traders who have some experience in the financial industry and can’t be referred to as newbie. A trader who started out with the €500 Account can choose to upgrade to this account with a deposit of €2500. Traders holding this account get double the leverage available on the Basic account.

There are also several more instruments available to traders on this account. These bonuses include access to more training content that the Basic Account holders and also live sessions a couple of times every week. The highest amount that can be deposited on this account is €10,000.

  • The €10000 Account

This account is ideal for traders who have ample experience in the trading world. It is also tagged by traders as a Golden Account and it is easy to see why. There are so many bonuses attached to this account that makes it so appealing to many traders. This account requires a minimum deposit of €10000 to unlock and traders on lesser accounts can upgrade to this account type.

The leverage on this account is also higher than is available on lesser accounts and there are several webinars as well as courses that holders of this amazing account are bound to benefit from extensively. In addition to this, these traders also get updates on market news daily and also alert on their trades. They also get to have more live sessions than lesser accounts.

  • The €50000 Account

It is easy to see why this account is being tagged premium by several people. It is ideal for traders who are professionals in the trading industry. This is because this account requires a high level of risky decisions being made and only a professional trader would be willing to go all the way like that. The account can be unlocked with a deposit of €50,000.

There are so many instruments unlocked by this account including special customer service and a higher percentage of leverage on trades carried out. Traders holding this account can attend as many live sessions as they want as there is no limit for them. You are also entitled to an account manager and reviews of market trends on a daily basis.

  • The Diamond Account

This is the best of all accounts as can be seen by the name; it is also called the account for VIPs and comes with a special form of all the features and tools this platform can offer. This account is available at a deposit of €250,000 but there is no limit to how much funds can be deposited. Only veterans in the financial industry are meant to open this account.

This account comes with expert managers with whom you can have personal meetings with. Traders on this account also get unlimited sessions and a very high percentage of levels on all trades carried out. The customer care on this account is premiums. Traders holding this account can deposit as many funds as they want into the account as there is no limit.

Final Verdict came into the financial industry and faced many hurdles as it had to prove itself as different from the many trading platforms in the industry. It has done this over the years and gained an amazing reputation as one of the trustworthy platforms in the industry. This was made possible due to the many excellent features and top-notch instruments this platform offered traders.

Every section of this platform is amazing including the variety of accounts and the different training contents. Meanwhile, it is also easy to make deposits on the platforms and also have your withdrawal requests processed very quickly. If you’re looking for a platform that makes trading seem very easy and smooth, the RoyalStox is the broker for you.