Tezos Price Prediction for 2020 and 2025

Former Morgan Stanley analyst Arthur Breitman developed the infamous Tezos platform. It took two weeks to raise around $230,000,000 both in contributions from Bitcoin and Ether. However, because of some legal issues, Tezos took a long time to begin. The Tezos Foundation employed PwC, a well-known company of professional auditors to address existing and future legal problems.

On 17 September the Tezos mainnet was released giving hope to the project and increasing its price. On GitHub, the activity of the developers has seen a rise by approximately 90%. The Tezos codebase is based on OCaml, a functional language for programming. It is a platform for decentralized apps and smart contracts.

Tezos vs. Ethereum

Tezos is another ‘Ethereum killer,’ an innovative blockchain, which was first introduced in an August 2014 paper, and further specifics were announced in a Sept. 2014 whitepaper. The Tezos blockchain allows the token holders to vote for improvements to the software to avoid forking the network. The algorithm behind the Tezos blockchain corresponds, to the white paper of the project. Nevertheless, Tezos also has its signature attribute of being a self-amending decentralized blockchain with voting rights for new proposals.

Most importantly, Tezos’ programming language for dApps differs from Ethereum Solidity in its formal code verification. It shows mathematically that it follows the requirements of the protocol and allows developers to prevent critical errors, such as stolen funds during the Ethereum DAO hack in 2016. While the project is progressing, Tezos has a lot to do to keep up with the leaders of the dApp network.

Tezos Price Prediction for 2020 by Market Experts

Due to the volatile nature of the market, predicting the cryptocurrency prices is difficult. However, an overview of Tezo’s future price from several sources including market experts will provide us an idea of what is to come. Let us take a look at the existing publications and their Tezos price prediction, which should give us a general outlook.

Tezos Price Prediction by CryptoGround

Cryptoground is a website famous for predicting the future value of cryptocurrencies using its algorithm. This site, however, can be moderately optimistic on most coins and similar is the case for XTZ. Cryptoground expects that XTZ will remain at a price of around $1.22 per token till the end of the year.

Tezos Price Prediction by Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts sees Tezos having a higher value for 2020. It somewhat expects that over the next year XTZ trading volume will rise by over 50% and the price will reach $3.8.

Tezos Price Prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoinPrice expects that price to remain stable throughout the period. According to DigitalCoinPrice, ZRX’s price will hover around $2.67 per coin.

Tezos Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is also a popular platform that predicts different cryptocurrencies and their prices based on technical research. Wallet Investor has a conventional or a bit pessimistic outlook on most of the coins, but the same cannot be said about XTZ. According to Wallet Investor, XTZ will have a growth of 30% and will reach a value of 3.17 USD by the end of 2020.

Our Tezos Price Prediction for 2020

In general, the market is greatly influenced by Bitcoin, and price shifts in Bitcoin stir the market value of most altcoins. However, there are also simple explanations for the rise and fall of individual token prices, which can be related to a major technology change or more commonly a big partnership.

Some companies are developed with the intention of raising funds and then after achieving the needful, they vanish in thin air. Whereas some companies are not competitive enough to deal with the market scenario. Most others are just good-looking ideas and lack practical implementation. Tezos is different from all such companies because it has a great and successful product, and is slowly growing in user adoption. As per our ZRX price prediction, the coin will remain stable until the third quarter of 2020, but its price will rise above $3.5 before the end of the year.

Tezos Price Prediction for 2025

The Tezos price prediction for 2025 depends on a lot of factors. These include a steady development process, delivering its promises, securing partnerships, and having a healthy user base. If the developers are able to keep up with the current development trends, the token is likely to reach a value of $20 by 2025.


No one can accurately predict the next cryptocurrency that will come out as a successful and valuable investment. Only a few cryptocurrencies can stand the test of time and deliver the expected results. Those are the ones that can survive the fierce competition in this industry and provide returns to the investors. Looking at it from this point of view, it is fair to conclude that Tezos is better placed than many of its rivals and this also goes in line with its optimistic price predictions. Hence, Tezos is worth it if you are planning for long-term investment.

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