What Exactly Is a Mobile Services Manager?

Pre-Installed on almost all of the newly launched smartphones, it is a common question among, what exactly is a mobile services manager? Simply, this a built-in application inside the operating system of the phone. This may seem like a standard or unnecessary application, but it performs numerous important tasks. The mobile service manager keeps track of the version of other apps and automatically updates them. The system also makes it easier for users to access information on their phones and also assists in keeping control of some critical settings. Moreover, it may download crucial updates to applications on the user’s device since it has factory access to the Play Store.

On Which Devices You can Find Mobile Service Manager?

Mobile services manager is not pre-installed on all devices; it is available on devices paired with a carrier company. Mobile carriers are organizations that provide wireless connectivity to the phone. The most commonly found carriers in the USA and Europe include AT&T, Orange, and Verizon. The mobile service manager is also widely found on android phones with an update of 4.4 OS versions or beyond. The universal inclusion of this program in android phones is also a significant factor why it’s known as the android mobile services manager.

However, even though the software performs several vital functions, it has certain drawbacks that may be unappealing and disturbing for customers. These factors include:

Installation of Unrequired Applications or Updates

The primary issue the users face because of mobile services manager in their phones is the automatic installation of applications or updates. Since the carrier company manages the system, it may install several applications against payments received from the publishers or their partners. This may take up unnecessary storage, which can be a major issue for phones with low built-in storage compatibility.

Notification Spam

The android service manager also spams the device with possible recommendations of applications that the user may not wish to download. This may be particularly irritating for people who spend more time using the device as they have to delete these notifications several times a week.

Data Usage

Having the mobile services manager may also prove costly and annoying as it may use cellular data to install applications automatically. This means that the application may use the user’s data package unwillingly which can be a problem for many.

Chances of Malware

Many users also identify the presence of this application as a welcoming sign of viruses and malware. Since the android mobile services manager has full access to the play store and can automatically install applications, it may be unsafe for the device. This may lead to the installation of virus-containing apps or other forms of malware too.

Is It Possible to Turn off Mobile Services Manager?

Since you now know what exactly is mobile services manage, its functions, and drawbacks, you can choose whether to keep the application alive of turn it off. If you wish to turn it off, it is simple to do so, and all you need is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Settings option on your device.
  2. Click on applications/applications manager. This may vary depending upon the model of our phone, as well as the Android OS version you have.
  3. Click the Show System option.’
  4. Press “Force Stop” and “Disable” to turn off the application. Remember, this will turn off the application form using your data, but the application will continue to exist since you can only uninstall it after rooting the device.

mobile services manager


The option of disabling the mobile service manager and the applications installed by exists for people who have devices with lower-storage capacity. But for people who still wish to keep it, there may be a few surprises. The service manager may save you the hassle of manually updating core android applications and may also suggest some applications which may be interesting to use and explore. Choosing to keep it may be full of surprises while deleting it is always a viable option!

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