The Companies Who Accepts Bitcoin in 2020

With the Cryptocurrencies going mainstream, it is not surprising to see that Google searches for “who accepts Bitcoin” have skyrocketed. Today, having an operational Bitcoin wallet is not rare. From banks to financial institutions, many companies have integrated one or another digital currency into its payment system. Whether it is to gain higher liquidity or to use the integration as a marketing purpose, the Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly benefited the adopters.

What was known for speculation back in 2012 is now powering millions of dollars of payment every month. It is a fact that Bitcoin has made a fortune for many, and several people rely on technology as the basis for their startup. With this in mind, it is not amusing to see that people are continually looking for answers for which companies accept Bitcoin. Having low transaction fees and proper Blockchain records, decentralized finance is quickly becoming the focal point of many organizations. Here are a few significant companies accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their goods or services.

The Renowned Companies  Accepting Bitcoin for payments


Wikipedia is the largest operator of an open-source encyclopedia. It has more than a million monthly visits and is a source for a massive amount of information. Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoin to keep its platform running and has been doing it for over five years.


You can also use Bitcoin to fund your Microsoft account. However, the acceptance of Bitcoin on Microsoft is limited to its Xbox and Windows Store. The company was accepting Bitcoin since 2014 and had a temporary pause in between because of severe price volatility in 2017. If you love spending hours on games or love watching movies, then this is one option for you.


Overstock is not only famous for its retail store but also its acceptance of digital currencies. It was one of the first companies to accept Bitcoin for payments. The company allows the user to pay for everything in its store using BTC and other popular digital currencies.


Ever been in a domain or hosting business? If yes, you must have heard of Namecheap. It is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and has been accepting Bitcoin since 2013. Namecheap is a popular hosting provider and is a renowned company in the industry to accept Cryptocurrencies.


Newegg is an online retailer and is among the first companies to accept Bitcoin. It sells various gadgets, including computer hardware and gaming accessories. The company also allows shopping exclusive new deals with Bitcoin and is popular in the Crypto community.


Expedia is an American travel technology company allowing purchases using Bitcoin. However, they have some strict restrictions in place that you should know before booking.

Cheap Air

Cheap Air, established in 1989, is an American online travel agency. Their website indicates that they are accepting Bitcoin via the BTCPayServer payment processer.


KFC Canada started accepting Bitcoin in 2018 for its “Bitcoin Bucket.” The move came during the end of Bitcoin Bull Run and was one of the marketing tactics used by the company to pave the way into the Crypto community. However, it was for a finite time, and it is no longer accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.


Various Subway branches were accepting Bitcoin during 2017-2018 for their sandwiches. However, it is unknown whether they are still doing it.

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay maintains an online index of digital content and a range of entertainment media and software. It accepts Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in the form of donations since 2013.


Gyft is an online store that allows purchasing and sending gift cards for online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. The company is accepting Bitcoin for several years with no additional fees. is a cloud storage and file hosting service, active since January 2013. It has been accepting Bitcoin for its subscription and upgrades for many years.


When it comes to who accepts Bitcoin, we surely cannot miss listing Amazon. Amazon is the biggest online retailer today, and people can pay for good using Bitcoin through It is a service that connects people having Bitcoin to sellers accepting the same for their merchandise.


ExpressVPN is a leading VPN network that enables surfing the web without leaving any traces for identity. It has integrated Bitcoin payment for quite some time for its subscription.


AT&T is the first and only major U.S. mobile carrier at the time of this post, which accepts Bitcoin. The company uses the BitPay payment gateway and allows users to pay for its services using Cryptocurrencies.

Other Companies Who Accepts Bitcoins as Payment

Aside from the above list, various other stores and service providers are accepting Bitcoin. These includes – A place to buy gold and silver using Bitcoin – A site to buy different types of bullion coins against BTC.

Adamant Barbell An online gym store in the USA that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. – An online store that allows users to create their products. – A place to buy mattresses using Bitcoin – A large e-commerce store in the Czech Republic

Genesis-Mining – Accepts Bitcoin to deploy cloud mining contracts

Localbitcoins – Enables purchasing fiat using Bitcoin – Allows CPM and CPC advertising using Bitcoin – Houses one of the largest pop-under inventory with Bitcoin as a payment processor – A store in Czech accepting Bitcoin for coffee – An online flight and hotel booking platform that allows Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

PureVPN – It is a popular VPN service accepting Bitcoin and is famous for its no logs policy.

QHoster – Hosting and VPS service provider – A freelance marketplace that accepts payment in Bitcoin

Adsterra – An ad network that allows deposit and withdrawals in Bitcoin – An American company that offers games for PC, Mac, and smartphones

EZTV – A popular torrent TV shows provider – A place to discover amazing stuff 

Rakuten – A Japanese E-commerce store with million dollars of annual sales – Online movie ticket seller

Although this list only shows a small side of the bigger picture, it is evident that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and making their way to global financial markets. Who accepts Bitcoin is a popular question asked by many individuals, and companies are trying to profit from this opportunity. Additionally, here is a resource by Coinmap, containing more than 10,000 companies that accept Bitcoin.

Trick – Paying with Crypto to companies not accepting Bitcoins

Recently, there have been significant developments around Cryptocurrencies. Startups have applied Bitcoin payment services as its core product enabling payments to masses. One trick to spend Bitcoin at a website that doesn’t use it is by using a BTC debit card.

You can get a Visa debit card from Wirex, or TenxPay to name a few. The Visa cards assist in paying using BTC to sites that don’t accept Cryptocurrencies. However, you should research the fees before making a decision.

Commonly Asked Questions about Who Accepts Bitcoin

Does Dominos accept Bitcoin?

Although Dominos have depicted its intention to accept Crypto, there are currently no such reports of Dominos Pizza accepting Bitcoin.

Does McDonalds’s accept Bitcoin?

No, McDonald’s does not accept Bitcoin.

Can you subscribe to Netflix using Bitcoin?

As at the time of this post, Netflix doesn’t accept payments in Bitcoin. However, you can use a BTC visa card to conduct such a transaction.

Does PayPal accept Bitcoin?

PayPal is not Crypto friendly and doesn’t accept Bitcoin for deposits.

Does Uber accept Bitcoin?

Although Uber doesn’t accept Bitcoin, you can still purchase Uber Credits via Bitcoin using Bitrefill.

Can I pay on eBay using Bitcoin?

eBay only uses PayPal as a payment method and is likely not to accept Bitcoin payments in the future.

Does Airbnb accept Bitcoin?

As per the latest news, you can now book a room using Airbnb with Bitcoin.


Maybe, not a lot of online store uses Bitcoin directly; it is evident that Crypto is slowly gaining adoption. We might be a long way to see Fortune 500 companies integrating Bitcoin payment processor to their website. But still, you can pay them using Bitcoin debit cards.

So, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I think as years will go by every company will accept bitcoin. Especially VPNs as you suggested. Nordvpn has been accepting bitcoin for as long as I remember, bought it myself with it. Anonymous paying should be really important to companies, especially at these times.

  2. Awesome post. I hope you regularly update this post. I just made my first Bitcoin purchase with Microsoft after reading this. Good luck.

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  6. Slowly and slowly companies are accepting Bitcoin. I can tell that in next few decade we all will be able to spend our Crypto more securely and easily.


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